16 Coloring Books That Will Help Kids Learn Cool Things, Too

Learning has never been more colorful!

With the potential to decrease stress and anxiety and create a sense of focus and peace, coloring is an activity that can benefit kids and adults of all ages! Go ahead, buy one of these educational coloring books for your kids and yourself (we won’t judge). 

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1. The National Parks Coloring Book

This coloring book is aesthetically-pleasing and educational. Appropriate for 2nd grade and up, each page focuses on a different National Park and its corresponding native plants and animals. National Parks may be closed, but we can still explore them!

2. Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Give kids in grades K—3 a leg up on learning (get it?) with this engaging activity book. Each chapter focuses on a different system and includes a range of different activities to accommodate different learning styles.


3. Patterns of the Universe

Who says math is boring? This coloring book will no doubt prove them wrong! Perfect for 3rd grade and up, this coloring book combines mathematics and art in a way that’s sure to engage your brain while simultaneously calming your spirit. After all, what’s more comforting in times of uncertainty than the definite validity of math?

4. Let’s Draw and Color: Bugs


Ideal for kids ages 3—5, this coloring book is centered around bugs that are easily observed outside. Even more exciting than the bugs themselves are the fun facts and guessing games on every page that encourage detail awareness in young readers. 

5. The Little Engineer Coloring Book: Space and Rockets

The Little Engineer coloring book series makes STEM learning easy for ages 5—12. Of course, I’m a particular fan of the space-themed book, which covers topics ranging from satellites to modern re-usable rockets in great detail. I mean, it’s SPACE!

6. History: A Map Coloring Book

Though it’s a bit pricey for a coloring book, this one is a must-have for history buffs in grades 3—6. Not only does it contain 48 pages of map-based coloring, but each page lists interactive facts and landmarks from the country it focuses on. 

7. Famous Painters in Art History

What better way to learn about art history than an art-based coloring book? Elementary-aged kids will love the opportunity to color in recognizable art masterpieces, and you’ll love the easy-to-read bulleted facts about famous artists that are listed on each page. 

8. Feelings and Dealings: Color My Emotions

Especially now, emotions are hard for young kids to understand and work through. However, this coloring book can help; kids ages 3-8 will learn to identify and place emotions while developing much-needed empathy and social skills.

9. Color Me Bilingual

This interactive coloring book is the perfect introduction to Spanish for kids ages 6+. With at least three Spanish words on each page, expanding your child’s Spanish vocabulary has never been easier!

10. Let’s Play with Our Food

Picky and adventurous eaters alike will be captivated by the fun fruits and vegetables in this coloring book. Sneakily encourage children in K—elementary grades to try new foods with this fact-based book created by a nutritionist.

11. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

Best for kids in 2nd grade and up, this color-in gratitude journal feels like a breath of fresh air. Even though the world around us is a little bleak right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many things to be grateful for! 

12. Escape to Shakespeare’s World

Particularly great for high-schoolers in the midst of a Shakespeare unit, this coloring book contains intricate illustrations based on the bard’s plays interwoven with romantic, dramatic, and inspirational quotes.

13.  Color by Numbers: Adding and Subtracting

This coloring and activity book will make your 1st and 2nd grade students actually want to do extra math practice! Plus, it will get them thinking about math from an angle that is a little bit more creative than typical classroom work.

14. Fun with Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colors, and Animals

Kids ages 1—3 will love the variety of this collection so much they won’t even realize they’re learning valuable concepts! Since it covers so many skills and topics, this book never gets boring. 

15. Life Under the Lens

Middle and high school students will find themselves engrossed in the microscopic world with this detailed (but also extremely therapeutic) coloring book. Although science can be a hard subject to interest older students in, it’s never been easier thanks to Life Under the Lens!

16. Jane Austen Witty & Wise Coloring Book

Perfect for middle and high school students, this coloring book would pair well with a Jane Austen unit. As the great author definitely once said herself: “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good coloring book must be intolerably stupid.”

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16 Coloring Books That Will Help Kids Learn Cool Things, Too