25 Easy Magic Tricks That Will Amaze and Surprise Everyone

Grab your wand!

Examples of easy magic tricks for kids including disappearing crayons and levitating card.

Everyone loves a good magic show. Sure, some might say that learning the secrets behind magic tricks ruins the excitement, but we beg to differ. Learning how to do magic tricks helps kids develop a number of important skills while having fun. While there are plenty of magic tricks that are easy enough for kindergartners, some tricks are best left to the middle and high school crowd due to the necessary hand-eye coordination required. You can even pick up a cape and wand like this magician costume set from Melissa and Doug to help kids get into performance mode. Whether you’re looking for card magic tricks, magic tricks with coins, or other unique tricks, we’ve rounded up plenty of magic tricks for budding magicians of all ages.

Benefits of Learning Magic

  • Improves memory
  • Builds social skills
  • Develops critical thinking
  • Teaches perseverance
  • Develops presentation skills
  • Enhances creativity
  • Improves fine motor skills

Easy Magic Tricks for Kindergartners

This video includes five magic tricks easy enough for kindergartners. Below are descriptions of the tricks along with the times in the video when the tutorial for each starts and ends.

1. Disappearing Crayons (0:00 – 0:54)

This one is so simple, and all you need to do it is a small box of crayons. (Pro-tip: The kind they give out in restaurants work perfectly because of their small size.) Cut a little window in the box and then cut the crayons in half at the middle and keep the top portion. Apply a little pressure to keep the crayons visible in the window and then release the pressure to make them disappear!

2. Multiplying Coins (0:55 – 1:18)

Magic tricks with coins are sure to be crowd-pleasers. If you have some paper plates, tape, and a few coins lying around, you too can do this fun magic trick. Create a little pocket on the bottom of one of the plates to store a coin or two and then wave the two plates over each other so the extra coins magically appear! Your audience will be amazed, but be careful not to reveal the secret pocket!

3. Disappearing Toothpick (1:19 – 1:49)

While this trick is super simple, it will be sure to amaze. Simply tape a toothpick to your thumb with some clear tape and voilà! No more toothpick!

4. Magic Tube (1:50 – 2:31)


This optical illusion will impress even the most cynical audience members. You’ll need to create a paper tube from card stock that is actually two rolls but looks like just one. Tuck a handkerchief in between the rolls and then amaze your audience by making it appear seemingly out of thin air!

5. Disappearing Coin (2:32 – 3:29)

This one is so clever but so simple. Select a color of paper and then make a matching circle that you glue to the top of a clear drinking glass. Then, slide your cup over a coin on the same-color piece of paper to make the coin disappear!

Easy Magic Tricks for Elementary School Kids

This video includes easy magic tricks for elementary school students. Below are descriptions of the tricks along with the time stamps in the video when the tutorial for each starts and ends.

6. Turning Water Into Ice (2:10 – 3:02)

You’ll need a clear glass, a paper or plastic cup (not see-through), a sponge, some water, and finally some ice cubes. Put the water in the clear glass and then put a sponge and some ice cubes in the bottom of the other cup. Pour the water into the paper or plastic cup and then pour it back into the glass. The sponge will absorb the water and only the ice cubes will come spilling out.

7. Levitating Pencil (6:19 – 7:00)

In addition to a clear bottle or vase, you will also need a pencil and some thread. Firstly, tie one end of the thread to the end of a pencil and the other end to your shirt button. Then, place the pencil in the jar. Finally, make the pencil levitate by moving back and forth slowly. Don’t forget to use your favorite magic spell!

8. Apple Surgery (8:43 – 9:22)

You’ll need just two apples to perform this fun trick. Before starting, cut a skinless slice from one apple. You’ll want to pretend to bite the whole apple while sticking the slice to the apple to make it look like a bite has been taken. Tell your audience, “Don’t worry, I can rub it and make it all better.” Remove the apple slice while rubbing it so it looks like you magically healed the apple!

9. Box of Chocolates (11:01 – 11:19)

Start off with two identical boxes of chocolates and then empty one of them. Place the full tray from one inside the lid of the box. Show your audience the empty box and then place the lid on the top and voilà, you’ve magically filled the chocolate box!

Magic Using the Same Trick

This video features different magic using the same trick. Below are descriptions of the magic acts along with the times in the video when the tutorial for each starts and ends.

10. Where’s the Ball? (0:00 – 3:50)

This trick is always an audience-pleaser since they get to actively participate in guessing where the ball went. The trick here is to cut slots into the backs of the cups that house the balls so you can make them disappear and reappear as desired!

11. Disappearing and Reappearing Dice (5:48 – 7:02)

This trick uses the same magic as the one above so the learning curve is minimal!

Card Magic Tricks

This video features card tricks. Below are descriptions of the tricks along with the times in the video when the tutorial for each starts and ends.

12. Classic Card Trick (4:38 – 6:42)

This is a classic card trick that will be best performed by slightly older kids since they’ll need the dexterity to hold onto the bottom card and slip it into the pile as needed.

13. Aces on Top Trick (6:43 – 7:50)

The secret to this trick is keeping four aces separate from the rest of the deck, but unbeknownst to your audience!

14. Four Burglars (7:52 – 9:47)

This one is relatively simple, but the payoff is spectacular. Place four jacks upright, facing your audience, but hide three cards behind one of them. You will want to be careful that you keep those three cards hidden from view when displaying the jacks. You add the cards in your hand to the deck with the three hidden ones on top. Without facing the cards to the audience, you insert the three at random places within the deck and then perform a magic spell. Finally, you show the audience that the four jacks (or burglars) have returned to the front of the deck (although they’ve never really left!)

15. Very Easy Card Trick (9:50 – 12:37)

Before getting started, make sure you have 21 cards. Lay them out in columns of seven. The magician should ask a member of the audience to silently select a card and then tell them which row it is in. By dealing in a specific pattern over repeated turns, the magician can identify the card.

16. Spelling Trick (9:51 – 12:37)

The key to this fun trick is to have the cards laid out in a very specific order before beginning.

Magic Tricks for Older Kids

17. Bent Spoon Trick

This video teaches older kids two different ways to perform a spoon-bending trick. Either way, your friends will be wondering if you have superhuman strength!

18. The Magnetic Pencil

This one is so simple but so convincing at the same time! Simply use a special hand grip to make it look like you’ve made a regular pencil become magnetized to your hand.

19. Sliced Banana Trick

The setup for this trick is best done by an adult or an older child since it requires the use of a sharp sewing needle. This trick is so clever, and the best part? It’s also so tasty!

20. Jumping Rubber Band Trick

We love that this trick requires just an elastic band and a willingness to learn how to do it!

21. Puncture a Bill Trick

Convince your friends that you’ve put a pencil through a dollar bill and an index card. The trick is a small slit in the bill; just be sure you keep the slit covered with your thumb while showing your audience that the dollar is still whole! If you’re looking for a quick and surefire way to pull off this trick, check out this fun kit.

22. Levitate-a-Card Trick

You can’t put on a magic show without making something levitate! This video shows how to make a playing card levitate and seemingly spin in the air while actually being attached to thread.

23. Pluck a Coin Out of Thin Air Trick

Regardless of how gullible (or not) your audience is, we think this simple trick will be sure to amaze. Learn different finger holds and other options to make a coin seemingly appear out of nowhere!

24. Guess the Age Trick

We love magic tricks that double as math lessons! Wow your friends with the ability to guess anyone’s age.

25. How Many Coins Tricks

Gather six or seven coins and a friend or two you want to amaze. Then, count the coins into your friend’s hand. Finally, show them that one of the coins you placed in their hand is magically back in yours. The trick? You tapped that coin into your friend’s hand but didn’t actually leave it there.

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Learning magic is fun, but it can also help kids develop crucial skills like memory and logic. Check out these favorite magic tricks for kids!