25 Clever Drawing Games To Level Up Artistic Skills

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Drawing has so many benefits, including improving hand-eye coordination, developing spatial awareness, enhancing creativity, and developing an attention to detail. Similarly, games teach kids essential skills like problem-solving, fair play, and strategy building, all while building confidence. Drawing games are also just plain fun! Whether you prefer putting pen (or marker or crayon) to paper or drawing digitally, there’s something for everyone on this list. You’ll also find games for little ones as well as games that even adults enjoy. Check out this roundup of our favorite drawing games!

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DIY Drawing Games

1. Back-and-Forth Drawing

This collaborative drawing game is so simple, all you need is some paper, markers or crayons, and a friend (or two). To play, simply have one person start a drawing and then pass it to the next person to add to the drawing. Do this until you think the drawing is complete!

2. Simon Says Draw

Since kids love the game Simon Says, we think they will love this drawing version of the popular classic. We especially love that it emphasizes good listening and following directions.

3. Copy What You Can’t See

Three drawings are shown on a purple background. A drawing of a pig in front of a plate of food is shown on the right and two copies are shown on the left.

First, have the designated drawer sit with their back to the other players. Everyone should have a clipboard with a piece of paper and a pencil. Then, the drawer draws a simple picture. Next, they describe their drawing to the other players and they try to draw it, but without ever seeing the original. We especially love that this game really emphasizes the need to give clear, precise instructions.


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4. Scribble Drawing Game

Drawing games can be simple like this one that shows two scribbles that have been turned into rudimentary drawings.

This game is so simple yet so fun. Just have kids scribble on a piece of paper and then have them stare at it until something jumps out at them. Then have them outline what they see with a Sharpie.

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5. Stick Man Occupation Game

A stick man is shown holding a lightbulb.

Begin by drawing a basic stick man shape on a piece of paper. Have a stack of cards nearby that have various occupations written on them. Then, have a player pull a card and draw various items onto the stick figure that would be needed to do that job. The other players yell out guesses until someone finally gets it right.

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6. Fold and Flip Drawing

This drawing game will really bring out each child’s individual creativity since the options it allows for are endless. First, fold a piece of paper into thirds and then cut slits into the paper as shown in the video. Then draw different heads, torsos, and bottoms for endless silly possibilities.

7. Funny Face Challenge

We love the art tutorials available at Art Hub for Kids, and this drawing game is no exception. Take turns with a partner telling the other person to draw a facial feature, and then see how silly your face turns out!

8. Eyes Closed Drawing Game

Drawing games can involve closed eyes drawing like this one pictured. A little girl sits with eyes closed holding chalk in front of a chalk drawing.

The concept behind this one is simple since all you need to do is have a child draw something with their eyes closed. But shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone what was drawn since the other players will want to take turns guessing.

9. Roll a Character

Drawing games like this one use dice. A box of crayons sits beside a chart showing which side of the dice equate to what color and character. A drawing of a cat as a prince is beside it.

As far as drawing games go, this one is so creative and requires little more than paper, drawing materials, and dice. Make a chart that establishes which number on the die corresponds to a character, a color, and a pattern, then get rolling. It will be so fun to see how different (or similar) everyone’s drawings turn out!

Online Drawing Games

10. Drawize

Some drawing games are online like this one. The word Drawize appears in orange letters on a blue background.

This online drawing game is similar to Pictionary since one player draws while the other players attempt to guess what is drawn. We especially love that it is totally free and the game will find other friends to play with if you’re alone. You also get to pick an adorable avatar.

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11. Quick, Draw!

A hand is seen pointing to several sketches of objects. The text reads Quick, Draw!

This free online game is so fun to play, even alone! The computer tells you what to draw and then you have 20 seconds to try to draw it.

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12. Drawasaurus

Black letters read Welcome to and purple letters read Drawasaurus. There is a green button that says Quick Play and a purple button that says create room.

Parents or caregivers will want to monitor any child playing since there are public rooms. Private rooms can be established too to play with friends. One player draws something while the other players attempt to guess what it is. The spaces for each letter in the word appear at the top, similar to hangman.

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13. Poki/Basketball Line

A cartoon basketball is shown following along a blue line coming from a pencil drawing.

This game is simple and can definitely be addictive. You simply try to draw a line along the dotted line connecting a basketball to a basketball hoop. If you get it close enough, you just might be lucky enough to score a basket!

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14. KidMons

Drawing games can be online. A cartoon paint palette and paintbrush are shown.

This is a fun and free online painting and drawing platform. Kids will have fun exploring all the different options.

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15. Skribbl

A blue background says Skribbl.io in rainbow letters on it.

This is another fun option for an online drawing and guessing game. Each game consists of multiple rounds, and the winner will be the player with the highest number of correct guesses.

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Store-Bought Drawing Games

16. Pictionary

Pictionary game pieces are shown.

When you think of drawing games, you likely think of the classic Pictionary. It’s better than ever now, with markers and erasable boards as well as lots of bonus cards.

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17. Doodle Mayhem

Drawing games include boxed ones like this white box that says Doodle Mayhem on it in yellow writing.

Drawing games can be fun for adults and teens too! This fun, fast-paced game is different than the usual since everyone is drawing at once. Draw as fast as you can and then get to guessing everyone else’s drawings before time runs out!

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18. Whatchamadrawit

A playing card says Draw a fly with glasses, a cape, and lots of bling. A child's drawing of it is shown.

This game is not your parents’ Pictionary! Instead of drawing everyday objects, players are challenged to draw wacky and creative requests like a fly wearing a cape and lots of bling!

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19. Pixicade

This game is part physical game and part app so you will need a tablet to be able to play. This is a great first step for an aspiring video game designer since they get to design and draw a game and then play it!

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20. Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups

A game box says pictionary air kids vs grown-ups

This is such a fun twist on Pictionary since the magic pen allows players to draw in the air and have it appear on a screen. You will need to download the free Pictionary Air app to play.

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21. Drawsome People

A black and white playing box says drawsome people. There are wipe off boards, markers, a timer, and playing cards.

We love the idea of having drawing games on hand that can be played by slightly older kids or even adults. Budding caricature artists will love this game since it challenges you to draw celebrities and even your fellow game players!

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22. Storybook Kit

A box shows two cartoon children and says Illustory on the top.

While not exactly a game, this storybook-making kit is such a great drawing (and writing) activity for kids. The best part is they can have their book printed and delivered to them at the end!

Buy it: Lulu Jr. Illustory: Create Your Own Book at Amazon

23. LCD Tablet

An electronic tablet has a black background and a pen attached. Lots of drawing games can be played with a tablet like this one.

If your kids are burning through paper and markers, this affordable drawing tablet is the perfect answer. You can play any number of drawing games in our DIY section with an LCD tablet like this one.

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24. Artsy Fartsy

Drawing games like the one pictured are funny. A white box says Artsy Fartsy on it in black lettering.

The name alone will be enough to get the teens and tweens in your life laughing, but the fun won’t stop there. This game is filled with all kinds of unusual drawing challenges like drawing with your nondominant hand.

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25. Creatures

A purple game box has a mythical creature on the front that looks like a mashup of a dragon, unicorn, and eagle.

This game will really get the creative juices flowing since you will have to create mythical creatures from five separate prompts. You can play with friends round-robin style, with each person adding their own ideas, or challenge yourself in solo mode.

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