This New Dr. Seuss Book Gives Kids a Wild and Expansive View of Art History

We’re loving Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum.

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Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum

First off, we know what you’re thinking: A new Dr. Seuss book? Well, the answer is yes! The manuscript and sketches for Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum were discovered in 2013, and it’s finally on our shelves this fall, with illustrations by Andrew Joyner. Hooray!

And this new Dr. Seuss title is unlike any of his others. There is no rhyming and there aren’t any wacky creatures. Instead, you’ll find a comprehensive, engaging overview of art history, delivered in a way only Dr. Seuss can.

In Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum, we get a glimpse of over 30 actual works of art featuring horses throughout history and from all over the world.

Dr. Seuss uses these works of art to explain how artists view the same object differently and to introduce readers to some of the major artistic movements, including Impressionism and Surrealism.

The classroom connections are plentiful and deep—we could see using this book from kindergarten all the way up to twelfth grade. And good news: You can get a free teaching guide packed with ideas for using the book in the classroom.

For example, in one of the activities in the teaching guide, “Art Detectives,” students tackle explicit versus implicit meaning by carefully studying the artwork in the book. 

Want to learn more about the book?

Check out the video below. Click here to order the book and get your free teacher’s guide!