Download This Brain Breaks Calendar for Activities All Month

Give your students daily brain breaks while making learning fun with our downloadable Brain Breaks Calendar. It’s perfect to get your January started off right!

January is a great month to make goals and resolutions, and if those can benefit your students, then all the better! While this month can be a tough one with cold temperatures, indoor recess, and trying to get your students to refocus after holiday break, it can be done. Use this Brain Breaks Calendar to keep students engaged in a fun way.

Download it, print it, and share it with your students and colleagues. Feel free to sub in a new activity for a given day, or to adjust the calendar to your school schedule. (We made the calendar available as a PDF that you can download and edit, too!) If you use the calendar in the classroom, we’d love to hear about it and get your suggestions for other brain breaks—either leave a comment on this post or email with your stories.

We hope that the suggested activities bring some much-needed brain breaks to you and your classroom.

Download the full-sized Brain Breaks Calendar.


Posted by Stacy Tornio

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