In order for students to become confident, fluent readers, they need to be able to decode unfamiliar words when they come across them. And depending on the word, they benefit from having a variety of strategies to help. That’s why, together with our friends at EVERFI, we’ve created a free decoding strategies poster to hang in your classroom.

The free poster features seven decoding strategies that are all grounded in the science of reading. They promote orthographic mapping and explicit phonics instruction. Just submit your email here to get your poster!

You’ll want to teach each of the decoding strategies on the poster first.

EVERFI decoding poster


Then, hang the poster in an accessible place for students to reference while they are reading independently or in small groups. Pair this visual with simple verbal cues like “tap it out” and “find the prefix” to remind students to use the strategies when appropriate.

And for even more help teaching decoding strategies and more foundational reading skills, be sure to check out WORD Force, a free literacy adventure featuring engaging digital games from EVERFI.

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