The Cutest School Supplies You Might (Not?) Be Willing To Share With Your Students

You deserve one of these microglimmers. ✏️✨

Giant paper clips, day of the week planner, and apple pen

In honor of National Stationery Week and the importance of writing by hand, we wanted to showcase our very favorite office supplies.

Not because they’re the most economical.

Not because they’re student-tested against chewing, throwing, and brute force.

No. We are recommending these office supplies because they’re extremely, aggressively, eye-wateringly cute.

Have you heard of microthrillers? They’re the opposite of microannoyances. They are tiny decisions you can intersperse throughout your day that bring you joy. A charcuterie board from home for lunch. Putting rain noise on your speakers during your conference period. And fun office supplies.


These school supplies are the certified micro-thrilliest. So this National Stationery Week, treat yourself to a notepad, your favorite-color LePen, perhaps, and write a thank-you note to a coworker (or just the world’s cutest hall pass).

Card and Envelope Sets

Hello, terrazzo cards of my dreams

Cute school supplies—terrazzo cards

Buy it: 24-pack terrazzo cards and envelopes on Amazon

This colorful and budget-friendly bulk pack

Cute school supplies—neon rainbow notecards and envelopes

Buy it: 100-count neon rainbow note cards and envelopes on Amazon

Add a personal touch with these customized note cards and envelopes


Buy it: Note cards and envelopes on Etsy

Or splurge on these Animals at Recess note cards

(And then promptly send me one, please.)

Buy it: Animals at Recess note cards at Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Paper and Envelope Sets

This bulk watercolor paper and envelope set

Watercolor stationery set

Perfect for positive notes home, letters to coworkers, and thank-yous to parents.

Buy it: Watercolor stationery set on Amazon


We love these colorful blank journals …

Buy it: Blank journals on Amazon

… and this journal set that gives refreshing melon salad vibes.

Journal set

Buy it: Journal set on Amazon

And this ice cream composition book, just in time for summer

The inside of the cover is everything!

Buy it: Ice cream composition book at Mr. Boddington’s Studio


These are MY personal favorite, but …

Uniball micro tip pens

Buy it: Uniball Vision micro tip pens on Amazon

… these also have a cult following

Buy it: Sharpie S-gel medium-point pens on Amazon

You probably also need this teacher pen

Cute school supplies apple pen

Buy it: Apple pen at Paper Source

And for the colored gel pens you’ll learn to never lend out, these bad boys:

cute school supplies le pen

Buy it: LePen set on Amazon

(You can also buy them individually for a tiny treat)

Le pen individual coral color

Buy it: Individual LePen in coral, periwinkle, wisteria, or mustard at Paper Source

Are you, too, pen-obsessed? Check out our article here with a roundup of our other faves!


This day-of-the-week notepad (my absolute favorite)

Buy it: Day-of-the-week notepad on Amazon

And this one if you need a little more space

Buy it: Bigger day-of-the-week notepad on Amazon

We’re obsessed with these notepads with little gold “charms”

cute school supplies coffee notepad

You can buy them with or without confetti, which should be an option everywhere. See all of them here!

Buy it: Pour Over Coffee Charmpad at Inclosed Letterpress Co.

Paper and Binder Clips

These paper clips for some office-supply-within-an-office-supply inception

Buy it: Rose gold paper clips on Amazon

But maybe also these animal paper clips while you’re at it

cute school supplies animal paper clips

Buy it: Animal paper clips on Amazon

OK, OK, I promise I’m done, but also these giant 4-inch paper clips

Cute school supplies giant paper clips

Buy it: Mega large paper clips on Amazon

You know what, maybe just splurge on this whole office set as a macroglimmer:

Buy it: Garden party office kit at Paper Source

You have earned it, my friend.

What’s your favorite stationery-related item? Let us know in the comments!

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Are cute school supplies a must? No. Are they highly effective microglimmers? Yes. Check out our list (and learn about microglimmers) here!