Best of WeAreTeachers HELPLINE: 50+ Curse Word Alternatives for Teachers

Curse words you can use in the classroom? Fudge yeah!

Best of Teacher HELPLINE: 50+ Curse Word Alternatives

We get it—you have to set a good example in the classroom. But some situations just call for a good word or phrase to let off some steam (yet another nasty paper cut, amirite?). These curse word alternatives are favorites of our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE users. Take a look and choose a few to try the next time you’ve got “%#@!” on the tip of your tongue.

Oh, Fudge

Fudgsicles Curse Word Alternatives

“Fudgsicles” was the number one pick of our teachers, but some offered up other fudge-inspired versions as well.

“Fudge monkey!” —Leslie H.

“Fudge nuggets!” —Erin L.

“Fudge muffin!” —Heather S.

Edible Expletives


Good Gravy Curse Word Alternatives

A surprising number of curse word alternatives seem to involve food, like the venerable “good gravy!” used by both Donna S. and Bonnie P. Here are some other delectable options.

“What the French toast?” —Brooke A

“Oh shish kabob!” —Jenny P.

“Chicken nuggets!” —Rebecca S., Hailee M.

“Sugar monkeys!” —Sandy F.

“Well, shiitake!” —Marla S.

“Cheese & crackers!” —Robin Z.

“Oh cheese & rice!” —Dawn C. 

“Pickles!” —Mitchell W.

“Hot dog!” —Candice S.

“Tillamook cheese!” —Edith L.

“Corn dog sticks!” —Katie M.

“Good gravy!” and “Cranberry sausages!” —Amy C.

“Baloney sandwich!” and “Aw, toast!” —Rachel L. 


The Good Ol’ Days

Dagnabbit Curse Word Alternatives

Some teachers take at trip back in time for inspiration, like Melissa K., Tesslyn M., and Kelly S., who all love “dagnabbit.” Other choices from the days of yore include:

“Fiddlesticks!” —Randi S., Wendy F., ChrissAnn S.

“Doggone it!” —Melissa K.

“Curses!” —Lana L., Lydia L.

“Jeepers creepers!” —Carrie M.

“Golly!” —Sherri L.

“Geez Louise!” —Gabe B., Cindy B.

“Oh, my stars and stripes!” —Michelle S. (Zoe W.’s version is, “Oh, my stars and garters!”)

“Heavenly days!” —Renee O.

“Mother of Pearl!” —Colleen M. 

“Crud!” —Kris W.

“Rats!” —Jeni H.

“Pishposh!” —Rebecca C.

Pop Culture Curses

Smalls Curse Word Alternatives

Phrases like “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!” (from The Sandlot) seem made for the classroom, as Zoe W., Robin Z., and Jamie B. can attest. These curse word alternatives also take their cue from TV and movies.

“What the Hello Kitty?” —Kelly S. 

“Jiminy Cricket!” —Gretta D., Diane K.

“Schnikes!” —Melanie H. (Tommy Boy)

“Good grief, Charlie Brown!” —Shellie A.

“Goodness gracious great balls of fire!” —Catherine F. 

“Oh, Mylanta!” (80s TV commercial) —Kristine L., Andronica A. 

“Barnacles!” (Spongebob Squarepants) —Bobbie S. 

For the Love of …

Smalls Curse Word Alternatives

The great thing about this one is that it works with just about anything.

“For the love of Pete!” —Stephanie P.

“For the love of pizza!” —Cindy B.

“For the love of fourth grade!” —Rachel M.

“For the love of [day of the week]!” —Michelle W.

“For the love of pineapple!” —Phil F.

“For the love of gravy!” —Kim M.

“For the love of Christmas cookies!” —Holly M. 

Son of a…

“Son of a biscuit!” —Zoe W.

“Son of a brisket!” — Pam L.

“Son of a Bisquick pancake!” —Mark L.

“Son of a motherless goat!” — Ana D.

“Son of a Smurf nugget!” —Danielle K. 

The Best of the Rest

La Chancle Curse Word Alternatives

Teachers Zoe W. and Robin Z. believe in the power of “La chancla,” and their Hispanic students know exactly what they mean. Other teachers have some unique phrases of their own.

“Mother of pearl!” —Zoe W.

“Son of a monkey!” —Kirk H.

“Son of a moustache!” —Laura T. 

“I don’t give a flying flip!” —Leslie H.

“Holy hammers!” —Erin P.

“Agatha Christie!” —Sue D.

“Mutha FUNCTION!” —Roderick B. (math teacher)

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Best of WeAreTeachers HELPLINE: 50 Curse Word Alternatives for Teachers