How Building a Culture of Service Can Change Your School for the Better

Action is the key.

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A school culture of service means administrators to students share the goal

Principals like Virginia S.G. and Susan M. take pride in the level of service they give to their school communities. For them, successful service has a lasting impact, whether it’s a big or small act. For instance, both have given their respective school staff members Room Service tags to hang on their classroom door. Teachers and staff choose one or two items from a list of treats, like coffee, water, chocolate, fruit, etc., to be delivered to them. The tags are collected. Then these service-first principals stop by and leave the teacher’s requested item(s) before the end of the day.

We love this idea for its simplicity. We also love it because it makes a huge impact on school culture, showing appreciation and an attention to service. But how do administrators and school leaders keep that commitment to serving their school and community going? It turns out, it’s action with real intention that makes the culture of service stick.

You need to walk the walk.

That’s why we’re excited about the personalized learning platform from Studer Education. They believe that the values of a school should “walk the halls rather than hang on the walls.” Agreed! Their Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence® (9P Online) offers data-driven resources, workshops, and personalized coaching so school communities can put their ideas of service and improvement into action. 

Everyone feels worthy in a culture of service.

School leaders ultimately need to answer the question: How do we care for those with whom we work?

Ryan Carpenter, superintendent of Estacada School District in Oregon, says that authentic feedback from school stakeholders helps. Carpenter says 9P Online helped Estacada design a highly personalized service survey to help them reach service goals. “We want to meet the needs of our hardworking and committed employees,” Carpenter says. “In order to take our school district to new levels of achievement, we must provide excellent service to our students, families, employees, and community. Service really is everything!”

Everyone from your welcoming front office to every teacher, student, and family should feel purpose and worth in their school environment. With that commitment to excellence felt throughout the school community, everyone will feel cared for and served. So whether that’s room service tags for doors or larger initiatives to help staff, students, and parents feel valued and heard, there’s a shared mindset for success in a culture of service. Everyone’s all in.

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