COVID-19 Canceled Their School Performances, Not Their Passion

Let’s give them all a standing ovation.

After working tirelessly for months to cast and rehearse for their big day, COVID-19 canceled performances all across the country. We are hearing music and theater students who have had their dreams postponed—or even canceled—because of the school closures.

Tony Award-winner Laura Benanti recently used her status to bring attention to these students.

Since these students won’t be able to perform in front on their teachers, friends, and family, we compiled a few of our favorite performances shared across the web. ❤️



These students are definitely our heroes. COVID-19 canceled performances didn’t stop them!

Whether on a live stage or a livestream, West Side Story always has a special place in our hearts.

These virtual performances are giving us all kinds of emotions.


At BCC, we believe in the power of music to connect communities. In this time of physical distancing, we see this power at work in our virtual meetings and lessons. Singers, alumni, and staff come together to perform our anthem, “We Sing” by Jim Papoulis for BCC’s debut virtual choir.

Social distancing is only making our students get more creative.


Just a little something to brighten your day. What started as an idea on my flight home from college ended in a collaboration with some of the most incredible people. I couldn’t be more grateful. Please share to help us promote positivity and optimism while we need it most. 💜

These students made sure to give one last performance.

You can really feel the passion from these students, even just during practice.

What COVID-19 canceled performances did we miss? Share your videos and links with us!

Also, be sure to check out the creative ways teachers are building a classroom community online while social distancing.

COVID-19 Canceled Their School Performances, Not Their Passion