Win a Wall Street Journal High School Package for Your Whole School

Imagine the teaching possibilities regular on-campus access to the Wall Street Journal digital and print news would bring: You and your students could explore social studies and current events, review insights and trends in science and technology, study the elements of a news story, and so much more.

That’s why WeAreTeachers and WSJ are giving away three one-year memberships to the WSJ High School Program!

What’s in the WSJ high school package? We’re glad you asked. The three grand prize winners will receive the following for their school:

  • One (1) year of unlimited on-campus access to at school to share with students, study together, dissect, and explore different perspectives.
  • Five (5) print copies of each WSJ issue at school for a year. Put them in common areas, such as the library, student lounge, or designated classrooms.
  • Podcast and video on-campus access, featuring interviews with WSJ editors and newsworthy influencers.
  • Teacher on-premise access to questions, case studies, and how-to guides for using WSJ content in the classroom.

Imagine all of the innovative ways you’ll be able to explore the world! Just click the orange button for your chance to win.


Yes, please! I’d love to win a WSJ high school package for my school!




(3) grand prize winners will receive the following:
  • (1) year, schoolwide, on-premise access to
  • (5) print copies of each issue of the Wall Street Journal for a year
(Prize value=$1200)