Free Poster: A Student Guide to College Applications and Admission

The road to college starts freshman year. Use this printable guide to help keep your students on the right path!

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Here’s a mind-blowing stat—around 20.4 million high school grads are heading off to college this fall. That’s 20.4 million students who know what it takes to put together a successful college application! If your high school students have their hearts and minds set on getting into the college of their dreams, they need to start mapping out a plan. Learning how to apply to college and what to prepare for starts during their freshman year of high school.

Share this “College Admissions Timeline” infographic poster to help your students visualize all the steps they need to take—and when each step should be accomplished. It runs through every single semester of high school and gives detailed advice on what to accomplish from freshman to senior year. From taking the PSATs, ACT, or SAT, meeting with a guidance counselor, visiting college campuses, adding AP classes, and more—the key is to start early and build upon the progress each year until it’s officially time to apply.

The timeline mini-infographic posters are the perfect blueprint to use as you work with your students on creating their college plans. Hang it in your classroom or print out a copy for each student to take home and share with their parents.