We’re in Love With These Clever Catch Beach Balls

Toss and learn!

We love any type of review game that gets kids on their feet, so we flipped for these Clever Catch beach balls we found on Amazon. Available for a huge variety of subjects and topics, the beach balls come pre-printed with review and icebreaker questions for kids to answer. The idea is that students toss the beach balls back and forth, and must answer the questions underneath their thumbs when they make the catch.

Of course, teachers have been making their own versions of these balls for years, but we love the ease and convenience of Clever Catch. Plus, they’re able to fit so many more questions on each ball than I can with my giant handwriting. ?

What do you say, teachers? Would you use the Clever Catch beach balls in the classroom? Here are some of our favorite designs that we spotted:

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Icebreakers - Clever Catch Beach Balls

Available in primary, intermediate, and advanced versions. BUY IT




Alphabet - Clever Catch Beach Balls

Can be used in the primary grades, but also for older kids: “Name all of our vocabulary words that start with the letter D.” BUY IT


Elementary Math

Available in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. BUY IT


States and Capitals

States and Capitals - Clever Catch Beach Balls

More fun than filling in maps. BUY IT


Weather - Clever Catch Beach Balls

Review weather concepts in the sunshine! BUY IT


Available in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II. BUY IT

High School Science

High School Science - Clever Catch Beach Balls

Available in anatomy, physics, chemistry, and astronomy. BUY IT