14 Clear Backpacks for School That Are Both Functional and Fun

Carry your school supplies in style.

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Back to school sure is different than when we were kids. While we worried about our clothes and making friends, today’s kids (and teachers!) have a lot more on their minds. We’ve already written about the absurd solutions to gun violence and the reality of being a teacher after a school shooting, so we won’t go there. The reality is that clear backpacks for school are required for many students today. 

Do clear backpacks for school actually help?

We have no definitive answers about the effectiveness of clear backpacks. Security experts have stated that mandating their use “won’t be a ‘magic pill’ to solve school shootings.” Some school districts, such as South Bend and Dallas, are requiring them, while others don’t allow any type of backpack at all.

What are the best clear backpacks for school?

If your school requires clear backpacks, or if you just like clear backpacks, we put together this list to save you time and money. We included our favorite options for both form and function. 

1. BTOOP Clear Mini Backpack

Btoop clear backpacks for school

This small transparent backpack has multiple pockets—a main compartment with dual zipper (perfect for notebooks or even an 11-inch iPad Pro), a front zipper pocket, and two mesh side pockets.

Buy it: BTOOP Clear Mini Backpack at Amazon

2. Yorssley Clear Backpack


Yorssley clear backpacks for school rainbow color

This is one of the most basic clear backpacks for school, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! While we’re loving this rainbow design, it comes in multiple colors.

Buy it: Yorssley Clear Backpack at Amazon

3. GXTVO Clear Sling Bag

gxtvo clear sling bag for school

Don’t want the traditional double straps? This sling bag features adjustable straps as well as two zippered compartments and mesh pockets to easily carry necessities.

Buy it: GXTVO Clear Sling Bag at Amazon

4. KUI WAN Clear Backpack

Kui wan see-through bag

The seams on this heavy-duty clear backpack are reinforced with double stitches for added durability. It offers a large main, double-zipper compartment, two front single-zipper compartments, and two small mesh pockets.

Buy it: KUI WAN Clear Backpack at Amazon

5. BTOOP Clear Backpack With Fanny Pack

Btoop transparent backpack and fanny pack

This see-through backpack can accommodate a Chromebook and school supplies, but it also comes with a handy fanny pack that’s perfect for keeping track of small things like keys, pencils, and name tags.

Buy it: BTOOP Clear Backpack with Fanny Pack at Amazon

6. Auobag Clear Backpack

Auobag school bag

If you love being super organized, this might be one of the best clear backpacks for school. In addition to two textbook-sized compartments, it has six smaller pockets to keep everything neat and tidy.

Buy it: Auobag Clear Backpack at Amazon

7. Pig Pig Girl Clear Mini Backpack

Pig Pig Girl clear backpacks for school

Despite its compact size, this clear mini backpack offers wider shoulder straps to provide better support and weight distribution. It’s also got great storage options—just look at all those mesh pockets within a pocket!

Buy it: Pig Pig Girl Clear Backpack at Amazon

8. Club Libby Lu Rainbow Clear Backpack

Club Libby Lu rainbow backpack

In addition to a large main compartment, front zip pocket, and two mesh pockets, this vibrant backpack comes with a matching pencil case and carabiner clip. We also love the reminder to “be kind”!

Buy it: Club Libby Lu Rainbow Clear Backpack at Amazon

9. Vorspack Clear Mini Backpack

Vorspack kids see-through bag

While this clear mini backpack offers similar storage space as some of the others on this list, what sets it apart is that the main compartment is a messenger bag style.

Buy it: Vorspack Clear Mini Backpack at Amazon

10. Vorspack Clear Heavy-Duty Backpack

Vorspack transparent bag for school


This bag is similar to other clear backpacks for school on this list, but it’s got great reinforced top handles so you can wear it on your back or carry it!

Buy it: Vorspack Clear Heavy-Duty Backpack at Amazon

11. GXTVO Clear Backpack

gxtvo clear backpacks for school

This transparent backpack has a roomy main compartment and side pockets, plus the front mesh pocket is perfect for stashing things you want quick access to like pens or a phone.

Buy it: GXTVO Clear Backpack at Amazon

12. Eccliy Clear Backpack Set

Eccliy see through backpack

Along with a clear backpack, this set comes with a pencil case and lunch pack. Also, how sweet is this super-cute daisy design?

Buy it: Eccliy Clear Backpack Set at Amazon

13. Forstree 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Clear Backpack

Forstree clear backpacks for school

There’s a lot of great storage in this clear backpack, but we also love that it comes with a practical toiletry bag for small things like tissues, lip balm, and sunglasses.

Buy it: Forstree 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Clear Backpack at Amazon

14. Mommore Clear Heavy-Duty Backpack

Mommore transparent school backpack

The design of this bag feels a little more elevated. The shoulder straps are padded, and the main compartment has a flap closure with cute buckles instead of the standard zipper.

Buy it: Mommore Clear Heavy-Duty Backpack at Amazon

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