12 Best Classroom Timers For Teachers and Students

The best bets for keeping your learning on track.

Collage of Best Classroom Timers

Timers have so many uses in the classroom! In fact, most teachers find it helpful to have a few on hand since different tasks call for different requirements. Our roundup of classroom timers includes silent options, large easy-read varieties, and even those made for the Pre-K crowd. Prefer a virtual option? Be sure to check out our favorite online timers for teachers here.

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1. Lavigo Magnetic Analog Timer

Large round timer from 0 through 59 minutes, with green, yellow, and red indicators (Classroom Timers)

This big magnetic timer has a lot of terrific features teachers will appreciate. The numbers are large enough to read from a distance, plus the green, yellow, and red areas offer visual cues for students. Even better, you can change the alarm sound to be loud, soft, or even muted, and there’s no annoying ticking sound.

Buy it: Lavigo Analog Timer/Amazon

2. Secura 60-Minute Visual Timer

Boxy 60-minute timer with turquoise casing, with red indicator area

This 60-minute timer has many of the same features as the Lavigo, but it’s smaller and can’t be completely muted. You can adjust the timer to ring for 3 seconds or 60 seconds, and it comes in a wide array of colors. Reviewers note that the alarm is “piercing,” so while it’s great for noisy classroom settings, it might not be the best choice for kids who are sensitive to loud noises.


Buy it: Secura 60-Minute Visual Timer

3. TWENTY5 SEVEN Visual Timer

Visual timer with different animal at each 5 minute mark with red indicator area (Classroom Timers)

Need a timer for wee ones who haven’t learned their numbers yet? The animals at each five-minute mark make it easier for kids to set this timer on their own. It offers adjustable alarm duration and volume and a red indicator section, so it’s obvious how much time remains.

Learn more: TWENTY5 SEVEN Visual Timer


4. Learning Resources Time Tracker

Digital timer with red, yellow, and green lights to indicate countdown (Classroom Timers)

When you want students to focus on their work instead of the amount of time left, try a timer like this one. Students receive light and sound cues without an ominous clock ticking down over their heads. We also like that this timer can work on batteries or an AC adapter.

Learn more: Learning Resources Time Tracker

5. KADAMS Time Tracker

Digital timer with green, yellow, and red indicator lights

Here’s another stoplight-style timer to try in your classroom. It includes six levels of volume and a silent mode if you prefer lights only. Easily pause the timer by pressing the red nose button once, then press it again to resume the countdown.

Learn more: KADAMS Time Tracker

6. KLEAD Oversize Digital Timer

Large digital timer with black screen and white numbers reading 36:49

This big digital timer is easy to see from across the room, plus the numbers turn red for the final minute. The volume is adjustable and includes a mute option. It runs on a long-lasting rechargeable battery and includes strong magnets, so you can stick it to a whiteboard.

Learn more: NOKLEAD Oversize Digital Timer

7. 12-Pack Digital Timers

12 digital timers in white, orange, and blue

If you need a bunch of small reliable classroom timers to use for group work, try this set. The timers are extremely simple to use: just program the minutes and seconds and press start. They include a magnet and metal stand.

Learn more: 12-Pack Digital Timers

8. EMDMAK Sand Timers

Six hourglass timers for 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes (Classroom Timers)

Sand classroom timers are a nice simple option when you don’t want to be fussing around with buttons. They’re silent, of course, but easy to read due to the brightly colored sand. This set has large numbers so you can choose the right one in a flash.

Learn more: EMDMAK Sand Timers

9. TeacherFav Sand Timer Set

Blue, green, red, and yellow sand timers for 1, 3, 5, and 10 minutes

If you’d like to buy multiple classroom timers for center or group work, this affordably priced set is a nice choice. It’s intended for shorter time frames, so it’s perfect to use with games instead of a louder timer.

Learn more: TeacherFav Sand Timer Set

10. Arcwares Study Timer

Digital timer with pink and white casing set to 99:59 (Classroom Timers)

When you need a digital timer that’s extremely easy to use, try this one. You start and stop it by shaking, and it has two preset timers (5 and 25 minutes) that you can start simply by turning the timer to the correct side. Alarm options include sound, vibration, and flashing backlight.

Learn more: Arcwares Study Timer

11. Pretmess Cube Timers

White cube timer with 1 min and 3 min sides showing

This cube timer is even simpler to use—simply turn it on and set it down with the number of minutes you want facing up. A digital display on the bottom allows you to check the time remaining, and you can adjust the volume too. Choose a 1-3-5-10 minute timer or 15-20-30-60 minute timer.

Learn more: Pretmess Cube Timer

12. Time Timer TWIST

Round digital timer with red rim set to 40:00

This sturdy little timer is easy to set with a simple twist of the dial. It runs up to 90 minutes and starts and pauses with one tap of a button. The alarm sound is optional, so you can use it in quiet settings too.

Learn more: Time Timer TWIST

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12 Best Classroom Timers For Teachers and Students