The 20 Best Classroom Supplies to Buy at the Grocery Store

You can save big on some of these supplies by buying them at the grocery store.

Best Classroom Supplies to Buy at the Grocery Store

The grocery store can be a great place to pick up last minute and discounted classroom supplies. Let’s face it—we can’t think of the last time we went to the grocery store and didn’t buy something for our classrooms. Here are some of the best classroom supply deals you can pick up at most grocery store chains.

1. Hand sanitizer

We love how much kids enjoy squirting “germ juice” onto their palms, and how this stuff saves us (fingers crossed!) from getting sick during the year. However, we don’t love the constant restocking of this magic substance.

2. Resealable bags

Lost teeth, book order money, loose crayons, classroom crafts, precious playground nature finds … the uses for zip lock baggies are endless.

3. Individually packaged snacks

Parents forget to send snacks, and sometimes a Friday film needs a little crunch to make the day a little sweeter. The convenience of pre-packaged snack items can’t be beat.

4. Water bottles

Hydrating students is the easy part. Getting them to not flip the bottle after is the real struggle.

5. Goldfish crackers


What is it about these cartoony crackers that brings all students, even high schoolers, immediate comfort?

6. Tissues

Because students never take just one, and the breaking of the student sleeve-wipe habit is a teacher goal on par with proper apostrophe placement.

7. Pretzels

The perfect ratio of salt and carb makes this in-classroom snack both a student fav and a late afternoon blood sugar drop savior for teachers.

8. Paper towels

The students may come bearing armloads of these treasures at the beginning of the year, but by December you find yourself grabbing rolls for the classroom at every grocery stop.

9. Band-Aids

Elementary teachers suspect that students enjoy receiving Band-Aids more than stickers or novelty pencils.

10. Chewy granola bars

These wrapped faves serve triple duty as snacks, treats or rewards in the classroom.

11. Paper plates

Whether it’s craft, science or class party time, you’re always reaching for these round workhorses during the school day.

12. Class pet food

If you had told us that one ounce gerbils would eat that much, we might have rethought the class adoption of Buzz and Woody.

13. Baby wipes

They clean sticky surfaces, paint-splattered hands and remove most clothing stains with a quick rub, and in their convenience and genius we almost forgive them their price. Almost.

14. Apples

Whether as decoration in a bowl during parent teacher conferences or a wholesome snack stockpile, teachers pick up this cliché grocery item with frequency.

15. Treats for celebrations

No matter how health-minded the teacher, some days and classroom milestones simply call for the sticky reward of a Fruit By the Foot. Hey, they’re nut- and gluten-free!

16. Chocolates

With apologies to Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a teacher in want of oral participation must be in want of a bag of Hershey Kisses.

17. Glue sticks

Why are we always out of these in the school supply closet? And why is the best price on these usually found at the grocery store? We have stopped wondering and resigned ourselves with putting them in the cart.

18. Juice boxes

They contain exactly two enthusiastic slurps and too much packaging, but students love these box and straw combos.

19. Stickers

You meant to walk right past that emoji sticker pack hanging in the aisle but they just go so perfectly with your upcoming social emotional learning lesson next week….

20. Party decorations

Sometimes all it takes is a little crepe paper or a latex balloon to make a regular day in the classroom feel exactly as it should every day: like the best place in the world.


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