19 Classroom Management Anchor Charts

Check out these fun ways to display your classroom rules!

Whether you’re getting ready for back-to-school time or you need enforce a few more rules in your classroom, classroom management anchor charts can be a great solution. We pulled together our favorite charts on classroom rules, procedures, expectations and more, along with a few of our own emoji designs. Don’t forget to watch the emoji video at the end to see how we put them together!

Plus if you have a favorite classroom management anchor chart that’s not on our list, put a link in the comments!

1. Dos and don’ts

Emojis make this anchor chart easy and perfect. Draw your own or have them printed.


2. Basics of good listening

You can tailor this to fit your age group or specific classroom needs.


SOURCE: F is for First Grade 


3. L-E-A-R-N

More emojis! It’s hard to see in the picture, but each emoji has a hashtag to go with it. For instance, “Respect others” uses #benice and “Always try your best” uses the hashtag #hardwork.


4. Avoid “I’m done”

When you want to avoid the oh-so-popular “I’M DONE!” phrase in your classroom, this anchor chart is perfect!

SOURCE: Teacher Trap 


5. Learning respect

Ask your students for feedback, and include them in making the list.

SOURCE: One Less Headache 


6. How to be positive

Because we can all use reminders of positivity no matter what time of year it is.

SOURCE: Crockett’s Classroom


7. Sub rules

You might now have this anchor chart on display year-round, but it’s a good one to get out at sub time!

SOURCE: Step Into Second Grade


8. Making class rules

This is a great way to develop your own classroom rules while holding everyone accountable.

SOURCE: Upper Grades Are Awesome 


9. No excuses

There are lots of writing anchor charts to use, but this is one of the most simple and essential ones we recommend.

SOURCE: Indulgy 


10. Active listening

Active listening takes practice, and this chart makes it easy to remember!


11. Be a problem solver

Every teacher in the country could use something like this! Tweak it to match your needs or the problems you hear about most.

SOURCE: Hello Literacy


12. When to say something

You can do as this teacher did and also use the book to reinforce the lesson.

SOURCE: Unknown


13. Teacher and students jobs

When you can give yourself some accountability as well, it can really help your students respect you!

SOURCE: The Hawk Nest 


14. Treating books with respect

Clipart makes this anchor chart easy and perfect. Draw your own or have them printed.

SOURCE: Larremore Teacher Tips 


15. End of day rules

Not only do you want students to start the day right, but you also want them to end it right too!

SOURCE: Around the Kampfire 


16. Hall procedures

Feel free to skip this one if your students are totally perfect in the hall.

SOURCE: Teaching with Terhune 


17. Glue rules

Your craft area NEEDS this one. So simple and so valuable at the same time!

SOURCE: Teaching with Terhune 


18. The group promise

We love this idea because it really encourages students to take ownership.



19. Rockstar group work

It’ll make group work something both your students and YOU look forward to!


If you liked the emoji anchor charts featured above, you can download this PDF to make your own. Though you can find your own emojis online, this PDF has all the emojis that we featured. Here’s a video that shows how they all came together too. Thanks to art teacher Vicki Cowger for creating the easy PDF for us and designing the charts!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qRKFPGxj9U[/embedyt]