18 Classroom “Before and Afters” To Inspire You

From unorganized chaos to student-ready!

Get Inspired with Classroom Before and After Transformations

Across the internet, teachers are discussing what a “teacher-funded” versus “government-funded” classroom looks like, similar to this TikTok. You certainly don’t have to have a Pinterest-worthy classroom to make it a positive space for you and your students. But if you’re looking to spiff up your space, we’ve gathered some pretty impressive classroom “before and afters” to inspire you.

Brighten It Up

Mr Visser classroom before and after

Some bright colors and bulletin board work can make all the difference!

Source: @mrvissersclass

Colorful Turned Cozy

Classroom before and after photo from Morgan W

This classroom was turned into a cozy oasis with light-blue accents. We’re loving the simplicity with trendy black-and-white features.

Source: Morgan W.

A Little Elbow Grease


Mrs. Jones Classroom before and after

Entering your room after summer break can be daunting. With a little time and effort, your transformation can look just as great as this one!

Source: Mrs. Jones’s Class

Add Some Color

Classroom cabinets and chairs before photo Colorful Cabinets after photo

Pops of color on the cabinets totally changed this space!

Source: Miss Decarbo

Typical to Trendy

Classroom before and after photos from Cheyenne H

This room made a huge transformation from a typical classroom to a trendy space with shiplap wall accents (hello, Joanna Gaines). Colorful pops bring light to the room and keep it happy!

Source: Cheyenne H

From Dark to Light

Classroom before photo blue wallsClassroom after photo white and colorful

This classroom became so much lighter and brighter by just changing up what was on the walls.

Source: @heathernic

Make It Clean & Bright

classroom before

classroom after

Stacked-up desks, packed-away bins, and forgetting where your favorite clipboard is are all signs that you’re popping back into the classroom after the summer. This teacher took her stacks of furniture and bins and turned it into a clean and bright space.

Source: @almostheaventeacher

Cozy Reading Rug

Classroom area with numbers rugClassroom reading area after photo with rug

Even we want to read in this new, cozy reading area.

Source: @little_miss_eyfs

You Be You Transformation

Classroom before image, desks and windowFinished classroom setup

This classroom looks ready for learning this school year!

Source: Michelle, 4th Grade Teacher

A Little Bit of Love

Classroom before photo wooden cabinetsClassroom after photo

This room needed a little bit of love on the bulletin boards to make it look new. We’re so jealous of that great cabinet storage!

Source: @teachingthe_treasurecoast

Starting With Nothing

Classroom before and after

Starting with nothing but some boxes can be intimidating. The upside is you have a blank canvas to create a classroom of your own!

Source: happy.special.learning

A Happy Learning Transformation

before classroom photoFinished classroom setup after photo

Making your room functional for the start of the school year is so important. These group desk stations are great, and we’re loving the natural window light.

Source: @crafty.primary.teacher

Organization Is Everything

Unorganized classroom before photoorganized closet after photo

How satisfying is this closet organization? A little time and patience pay off.

Source: @jekinthebox

Nature Theme

Classroom before photoClassroom after photo nature theme

This nature theme worked so well for this room.

Source: Building Book Love

Chaos to Calm

Messy classroom before photoFinished classroom after photo

Finally getting every supply put away is the best feeling. This room looks ready for students!

Source: @mindfulmsbee

The Perfect Teacher Desk

before photo of teacher desk set upteacher desk transformation after photo

This teacher desk is a dream! The transformation of the back wall made all the difference. Check out our teacher desk organization tips for more inspiration.

Source: @thepurrfectpencil

Keep It Spaced Out

Empty classroom before photoSocially distant classroom set up

Each student has their own personal space with this setup. Check out what an empty classroom can become!

Source: @MsBodnerFCCPS

Stacked Desks to Completed Classroom

Classroom before photo with stacked desksClassroom completed after photo

How intimidating is it to just have a stack of desks in the middle of the room? Afterward, a completed setup is so satisfying.

Source: Heart of the Class

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18 Classroom "Before and Afters" To Inspire You