21 Awesome Classroom Art Supplies Under $10

Don’t break the bank to refresh your supply closet. These inexpensive art supplies will inspire creativity galore.

Art Supplies

Looking to bring some more color, creativity, and FUN to your lessons, but can’t afford a closet full of new supplies? We get it. What teacher doesn’t? That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite classroom art supplies, all for under $10.

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1. Sargent Art Premium Colored Pencils

Artist-quality pencils at a teacher-friendly price. 50 for $6.24.

Colored Pencils - Art Supplies Under $10


2. Crayola Power Lines Project Markers

These markers allow you to make thick or thin lines—just like a permanent marker—but are totally washable. 10 for $6.15.

Crayola Power Lines Markers - Classroom Art Supplies Under $10


3. Elmer’s CraftBond Glue Spots

Some teachers swear by these tiny glue dots over traditional bottles and sticks, saying that the dots are easier to manipulate and create less waste. 200 for $4.55.

Elmer's Glue Spots - Art Supplies Under $10


4. Fiskar’s Lace 3-in-1 Corner Punch

Give kids’ artwork some additional flair by using this punch to create decorative corners. $8.39.

Fisker's Lace 3-in-1 Corner Punch - Art Supplies Under $10


5. Glitter Washi Tape

We love washi tape for all kinds of classroom projects, and this glitter version is great to add some extra sparkle without the mess. 6 rolls for $6.95.

Glitter Washi Tape - Classroom Art Supplies Under $10


6. Educational Insights Playfoam

Great for creative exploration and building, as well as making models in math class and more. Doesn’t dry out like play dough. $8.47 for 8.

Educational Insights Playfoam


7. Neon Letter Beads

Make bracelets and necklaces and practice spelling at the same time. Win win! 600 for $7.99.

Neon Letter Beads


8. Picture Frame Pad

Every page of this drawing pad already has an ornate “frame” for your students’ masterpieces. Fun for creative writing, too! $4.99.

Picture Frame Pad - Art Supplies Under $10


9. Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Notes

Fun for doodling but also for writing poetry or short answers. $7.99.

Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Notes - Art Supplies Under $10


10. Liquid Watercolors

Devotees say liquid watercolors are much better than the traditional cake version—they last longer, are easy to use and are a great substitute for food coloring. 6 for $8.99.

Liquid Watercolor - Art Supplies Under $10


11. Color Wheel

Use this color wheel to teach students about mixing colors—a concept that ties back to science, too! $6.59.

Color Wheel - Awesome Art Supplies Under $10


12. Assorted Wooden Beads

Perfect for practicing fine motor skills, and can do double duty as math manipulatives. 460 for $9.94.

Assorted Wooden Beads - Art Supplies Under $10


13. Liquid Chalk Markers

So fun for writing not only on chalkboard surfaces, but windows, whiteboards, and more. 8 for $9.96.

Liquid Chalk Markers - Art Supplies Under $10


14. Sargent Pink Erasers

Simply the best. Long-lasting and erase well. 36 for $7.22.

Pink Erasers - Art Supplies Under $10


15. Magnetic Mini Tile Art

This easy-to-use kit includes everything you need for kids to make 10 tile magnets—perfect for Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts, sharing favorite quotes, and more. $8.65.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art - Art Supplies Under $10


16. Recycled Paper Beads Kit

What if students could turn all the annoying paper scraps into your classroom into something beautiful? They can with this easy kit. $9.69.

Recycled Paper Beads Kit - Awesome Art Supplies Under $10


17. Rainbow Crayons

Fun for doodling and sign-making! 6 for $9.99.

Rainbow Crayons - Art Supplies Under $10


18. Germ-Fighting Scissors

When you’ve got 30 kids and a teacher using the same craft supplies, it’s nice to have a little germ-fighting support. These scissors are anti-microbial and start at $6.88.

Germ-Fighting Scissors - Art Supplies Under $10


19. Self-Hardening Clay

No teacher has time for baking clay projects in the oven. This all-natural self-hardening version is a great alternative. 2.2 pounds for $7.96.

Self-Hardening Clay - Art Supplies Under $10


20. Art Aprons

You can’t beat the price on these colorful aprons—$8.99 for a dozen—and parents will thank you for protecting kid clothes.

Art Aprons - Art Supplies Under $10


21. Dry Erase Crayons

I honestly had no idea that these were a thing, but now that I do I can think of about a billion ways to use them. 8 for $4.91.

Dry Erase Crayons - Awesome Art Supplies Under $10