20 Festive Cinco de Mayo Activities for Your Classroom

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Examples of Cinco de May activities including creating DIY Mexican musical instruments and making a Mexican flag.

Many of us recognize Cinco de Mayo as a day of colorful fiestas, parades with traditional dancing and mariachi bands, and, of course, delicious Mexican food. But there’s so much more to it. Learn more about Cinco de Mayo and the rich history and culture of our neighbors to the south with these 20 creative Cinco de Mayo activities you can incorporate into your core curriculum subjects, as well as art and music!

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1. Get the straight story about Cinco de Mayo

Many people believe Cinco de Mayo is a national celebration of Mexican independence. But did you know that Cinco de Mayo is actually a state holiday commemorating an important military victory over the French in the Mexican state of Puebla? Learn all about the original Cinco de Mayo and how the holiday has evolved over time.

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2. Read stories about Cinco de Mayo

books that celebrate Cinco de Mayo- Cinco de Mayo activities

From a mischievous mouse to a dear grandma and much more, these charming tales will spark your students’ interest in Mexican culture.


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3. Learn fun facts about Mexico

Watch this engaging video with your students and learn fun facts about Mexico’s geography, history, and culture. And for more, read A Kid’s Guide to Mexico by Jack L. Roberts and Michael Owens.

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4. Make a Mexican flag

mexican flag art project, as an example of cinco de mayo activities

The Mexican flag is not only a representation of Mexico’s history but also its culture. Learn about what the red, white, and green stripes, along with the national coat of arms, on the Mexican flag represent.

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5. Learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish

Introduce your young students to the melodious language of Spanish with this fun video. And if you have Spanish speakers in your classroom, see if they’d like to do a mini lesson for their friends.

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6. Learn about famous people in Mexican history

famous people in mexican history poster

From artists and leaders to military heroes, Mexico has a rich history of men and women who not only made an impact on their country but the whole world. And for more, read Courageous History Makers: 11 Women From Latin America Who Changed the World by Naibe Reynoso.

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7. Learn about Mexico’s national holidays

a poster showing Mexico's national holidays, as an example of cinco de mayo activities

There are only a handful of official national holidays in Mexico, but there are a great many regional celebrations, like Cinco de Mayo. Note that Mexican Independence Day is actually celebrated in September.

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8. Discover one of Mexico’s treasured heritage sites

Chichén Itzá is an ancient Maya city ruin in the south-central Yucatán state in Mexico. Discover how the ancient pyramid was built and why, and learn what the region means to the country today.

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9. Construct sand pyramids

pyramid made from moon sand, as an example of cinco de mayo activities

After watching the video above, give your students the opportunity to create their own pyramids using moon sand. Collect box lids from families and let each student build on one of their own to contain the mess. For more, check out 10 Stunning Pyramids in Mexico.

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10. Watch children perform a Machete dance

Los Machetes is a popular folk dance from the Jalisco region of Mexico. It was created by farm workers who used machetes as their main tool for harvest. Traditionally, real machetes are used while performing this dance.

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11. Take a spin at salsa dancing

Get your kids up and moving with this fun dance tutorial set to the tune of La Cucaracha.

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12. Make some DIY Mexican musical instruments

DIY mexican musical instrumentsas an example of cinco de mayo activities

Music is a huge part of Mexican culture. Listen to these 10 Most Popular Mariachi Songs. Then, get your students in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo by learning about traditional mariachi instruments and making a few of their own.

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13. Make a traditional Ojo de Dios

a God's Eye, or Ojo de Dios, traditional Mexican craft, as an example of cinco de mayo activities

Ojo de Dios is Spanish for “Eye of God,” and this traditional Huichol Indian craft symbolizes wishes of health, long life, and protection.

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14. Try your hand at papel picado

Papel picado is a traditional Mexican folk art that frequently adorns Mexican fiestas and parades. Teach your students and create a colorful banner for your classroom with this fun video.

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15. Create a bean mosaic

mosaic made from dried bean, as an example of cinco de mayo activities

In many regions, beans are a staple of Mexican cooking. Collect a variety of dried beans, glue, and paper plates and let your students’ imaginations run wild. Project this image of traditional Mexican symbols and see if your students can re-create them with beans.

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16. Craft some paper cacti Cinco de Mayo decorations

All you need for this adorable craft is a few paper rolls, a bit of cardboard, colored construction paper, and some googly eyes. Watch the video for step-by-step directions.

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17. Engineer a colorful piñata

a homemade pinata made from a balloon, newspaper strips and crepe paper, as an example of cinco de mayo activities

This STEM activity challenges students to create a Mexican piñata from a balloon, newspaper strips, glue, and fringed crepe paper. Let your students take their project home, where they can decide to fill it with candy and give it a whack, or keep it as an art keepsake.

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18. Play Cinco de Mayo math games

math games for cinco de mayo a cinco de mayo math worksheet

Try one of these free downloadable TpT activities to incorporate a little Cinco de Mayo into your math curriculum.

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19. Make tissue-paper flowers

One of our favorite Cinco de Mayo activities: No fiesta would be complete without the brilliant, bright paper flowers that are part of many Mexican celebrations. Easy and quick to make, your students will love the garden they create.

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20. Read poetry in Spanish

graphic from a spanish poem of a boy eating a chicken leg as an example of cinco de mayo activities

Check out these 8 Fun Spanish Poems for Kids Who Love Reading. From stars, flowers, seasons, animals, dinnertime, and the importance of family and friends, your students will get a kick out of these poems and learn Spanish words to boot!

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To learn more about Mexican culture, check out 16 Fun Activities to Honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

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From history lessons and geography activities to traditional Mexican crafts, your students will love these awesome Cinco de Mayo activities.