14 Great Teacher Excuses to Have Chocolate

As if you really need a reason.

Chocolate Pairings for Teachers

Researchers have found that chocolate has a number of positive impacts on health. From improved cognition and mood to lowered blood pressure and better skin, chocolate benefits the mind, body, and soul. Looking for a reason to indulge? Here are our favorite chocolate pairings for teachers.

We also created a poster that would be perfect for hanging in the teacher’s lounge.  You can download that here. 


1. No time for lunch? Dark chocolate.


It’ll fill you up with its flavanoids.

2. Up all night grading papers? Chocolate-covered espresso beans!


Double the caffeine and crunchy, too.

3. Super-long faculty meeting? Candy-covered peanuts.


You can quietly munch on them one by one, measuring how long the speaker goes by the number of pieces you can get to melt in your mouth. If you have peanut allergies, go with raisins instead.

4. Call from a parent? Milk chocolate.


Get your supply ready, because you’re going to need a lot of these.

5. Ran out of pencils? Chocolate toffee.


You should never eat toffee alone.

6. Broken copier? Chocolate shake.


Go out after school and immediately and treat yourself to a shake. Broken copiers are the worst!

7. Parent-teacher conferences? Chocolate mint.


It’ll freshen your breath AND lift your mood.

8. Glitter in the classroom? Chocolate chips.


Every time you come across more glitter to clean up, you should have a chip. Believe me, you’ll get lots of rewards for this!

9. Feeling cold? Hot chocolate!


We all know it can be tough to regulate temperature in the classroom. Some people are too hot while others are too cold. If you’ve got the chills, a steaming cup will warm you up and make you smile. Don’t forget the marshmallows.

10. Class didn’t do their homework? Your choice!


It’s up to you to choose your favorite chocolate bar. The more chewing you have to do, the less you’ll be chewing them out.

11. Standardized testing week? White chocolate.


It doesn’t leave behind residue when you’re picking up those scantrons.

12. Classroom party? Chocolate covered pretzels.

They are just light enough in chocolate to pretzel ratio that they can pass the test of “Is it healthy?”

13. Faculty potluck? German chocolate cake!


This is always a crowd pleaser.

14. Have something to celebrate? Chocolate fondue!


This is a great way to celebrate. Since it includes fruit, it’s even a little bit healthy!

Many other forms of chocolate are available for the best and the worst school days. Whether you seek to celebrate, mourn, or stress-eat, have a bit of chocolate.

Did we miss any your favorite chocolate pairings? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers Chat group on Facebook.

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