There are so many times when we say, “That will just have to wait.” I will never forget the year that I put off going to the dentist for so long that I ended up with a mouth full of cavities. Oh, and the reason I didn’t have cable? I could never be at home for the installation. Get my car serviced? Yeah, that sounds important, but when? Many non-teachers think we are oh so lucky to have long breaks, but let’s get real. Breaks are the time when teachers catch up on “normal” life.

We’re going to the dentist and the eye doctor and the primary care doctor…

A gif from the movie Bridesmaids with Kristen Wig and Maya Rudolpf with food in their teeth.

“I’m finally getting my wisdom teeth taken out.” —Gabrielle

“I have a 3:25 p.m. appointment at the dentist.” —Jo.

“All the doctors!” —Linda

“I’m sitting in the dentist chair reading this!” —Judi

We’re taking care of our cars

A Gif that shows a character from the TV show Blacklist waiting in line. He is number 114.

“Oil changes, and tire rotations.” —Jill

“I’m taking my car to get inspected, and then headed to the DMV to update my license.” —Ansley 

“Vehicle to the dealership because I have three recalls, and I need an oil change!” —Traci

“I have had a crack in my car windshield for months. I hope I’ll take care of it this break.” —Karen

We are cleaning our houses and then some 

A gif of SpongeBob Square Pants with multiple arms ironing, cleaning, and cooking.

“Cleaning the garage.” —Maria

“I have to clean my windows.” —Rachael 

“Vacuuming all the junk that goes in between the sofa cushions!” —Elizabeth

“Spring house cleaning … from Spring 2019.” —Leann

We are taking care of our kids

A Gif of a young woman in her car crying that read,

“I am taking my son to get a haircut.” —Shea 

“Just took my children to their yearly pediatric appointment and got flu shots this morning. The struggle is real.” —Susan

“Appointments for all my kids. Half my break is spent at those places!” —Tara

“Watching Cars or Trolls 80 times, cleaning spills, referring fights, and lots of snuggles with my twin boys.” —Lindsey 

We are taking care of our pets 

A gif of a dog getting a haircut.

“Dog surgery on the first day off.” —Holly 

“Taking my dog to the Vet, ” —Traci 

“Dog training!” —Mitzie

“Took the dog to the groomer yesterday.” —Robin 

We are working on projects

A gif of Marie Kondo cleaning out a closet.

“Painting my kitchen cabinets.” —Maddie

“Shampooing the carpets and organizing the garage.” —Nina 

“Painting the hall and the entryway.” —Melanie

“Decluttering with a capital D!” —DeAnn

So next time someone tells you how lucky you are to have so much time off for vacation, you can send them this article, and as Jane said in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group, let them know that for many of us, “break is not a break, it’s just an opportunity to catch up on different work!”

And now, I’m headed to the eye doctor, the vet, and then I have to clean out my kitchen cabinets. 

What are the “normal” things you’re doing over break? Please share in the comments! For more teacher humor, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters.

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This is the Time Teachers Catch Up on Normal Life