3 Candy Corn Math Ideas for Hands-On Learning

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Since our favorite Halloween treat is easy (and cheap) to buy this time of year, we decided to pull together some of our favorite candy corn math ideas. Take a look at these three activities and get our FREE printables to go with them.

Here’s a video of these ideas in action.

Encourage counting, cardinality, and multiplication.

Candy Corn Math Counting -WeAreTeachers

We have a free printable available, which you can get below. We have a numbers matching pattern, which promotes counting and cardinality in young kids. And we also have a set of multiplication facts you can mix and match in a game for older students.

Candy Corn Math Multiplication -WeAreTeachers

Encourage students to find the right answer. Then for added fun, have them place the right number of candy corns on each completed set.

Have students practice patterns with our matching worksheet.

Candy Corn Math Patterns -WeAreTeachers

Candy corn is awesomely and brightly patterned. So it makes a great manipulative to teach patterns. For this activity, we have a matching worksheet you can download for free. Students should arrange the candy corn pieces to match the pattern pictured. Then encourage them to invent their own patterns, too.

Practice greater than/less than with candy corn and dominoes.


Candy Corn Math Dominoes -WeAreTeachers

You can practice with flash cards, notecards, and many other ways. But our favorite is using dominoes. Just line up the dominoes in two rows and then have students use the candy corn as the greater than or less than symbol as they go through each set.

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