16 Books About Teamwork and Cooperation to Bring Kids Together

When kids work together, amazing things happen.

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Your class is a team, and reading books about teamwork with kids is a great way to foster the sense of cooperation and support you all need to make your school year a great one. From animal group survival to building projects, solving problems to getting out of tough situations, this list of books will teach your students how to work together.

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Picture Books About Teamwork for Kids

1. That Fruit is Mine! by Anuska Allepuz

Book cover for That Fruit is Mine as an example of books about teamwork for kids

If you’re looking for sweet and straightforward books about teamwork for kids, look no further! When a group of elephants discovers a very tall exotic fruit tree, they all want the fruit. But each one’s solo attempts to reach it come up short. Meanwhile, a group of mice shows everyone how powerful working as a team can be.

2. Someone Builds the Dream by Lisa Wheeler

Book cover for Someone Builds the Dream as an example of books about teamwork for kids

This rhyming celebration of the many teams behind the scenes that “build the dreams” really gives classrooms a new perspective on teamwork. Yes, people like architects, engineers, artists, and authors hatch ideas and create plans, but behind them all are hardworking teams of tradespeople. Illustrations by Loren Long are stunning, as usual.


3. Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever! by Ruth Spiro


Book cover for Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever as an example of books about teamwork for kids

Maxine and her pal Leo team up to create the garden of their dreams—but it turns out their dreams (and their talents) are a bit different from each other. When animals start snacking on their veggies, they have to dig even deeper to work together. This is a nice example of how teamwork isn’t always easy—but always worth it in the end.

4. Unstoppable by Adam Rex

Book cover for Unstoppable as an example of books about teamwork for kids

A group of animals discovers they are stronger together—unstoppable, actually! They take their teamwork straight to the Capitol Building to prevent construction of a shopping mall from ruining their home. Fabulous wordplay (Craburtle Bird! Turbearbircrab!) could inspire a fun teamwork-themed class project.

5. Boxitects by Kim Smith

Book cover for Boxitects as an example of books about teamwork for kids

When cardboard box-creation expert Meg heads to Maker School, the most meaningful lesson is nothing to do with engineering. It turns out teamwork is a key design element for any project.

6. Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea by Meena Harris

Book cover for Kamala and Maya's Big Idea as an example of

This story from Vice President Kamala Harris’ childhood shows that community teamwork can bring an idea to life. When Kamala and her sister suggest building a playground in their apartment building courtyard, the landlord gives them a firm no—until the girls and their neighborhood team offer to do the work themselves.

7. Where on Earth is My Bagel? by Frances Park and Ginger Park

Book cover for Where on Earth is My Bagel as an example of books about teamwork for kids

When Yum Yung gets a craving for a New York bagel, it seems unlikely he’ll get one in his Korean village. But a varied team that includes a homing pigeon, a New York bagel store owner, a farmer, a fisherman, a beekeeper, and a baker makes it happen, with satisfying results for all. Use this story to talk with your class about the many different roles within a successful team.

8. Stone Soup by John J. Muth

Book cover for Stone Soup as an example of books about teamwork for kids

Three Chinese monks help a group of untrusting, isolated villagers bond as a community. While we love all versions of this timeless story, this one is definitely a must-have in our collection of teamwork books for kids of all ages!

9. The One Day House by Julia Durango

Book cover for The One Day House

Wilson organizes friends and neighbors to repair his elderly neighbor’s home in an inspiring show of community teamwork. Their experience shows how being part of a team service project warms our own spirits as much as those who receive the support.

10. Packs: Strength in Numbers by Hannah Salyer

Book cover for Packs: Strength in Numbers

If you’re looking to cultivate a wolfpack (or dolphin pod, or bat cloud) mentality in your classroom, you’ll love sharing this unique nonfiction book about animal teamwork with your kids. No matter the creature, “together we are better!”

Chapter Books About Teamwork for Kids

11. Our Friend Hedgehog by Lauren Castillo

Book cover for Our Friend Hedgehog

This sweet, illustrated chapter book will be a go-to every year! When a storm washes Hedgehog’s stuffed animal away, she sets out to search for it. Along the way, she finds a whole team of helpers—and new friends.

12. Snoozie, Sunny, and So-So by Dafna Ben-Zvi

Book cover for Snooze, Sunny, and So-So

When friends Snoozie and Sunny discover a newcomer, So-So, alone and sad, they work together to make their new friend feel welcome. This touching early chapter book is great for discussions about how being part of an encouraging group helps everyone achieve and thrive.

13. Most Valuable Players series by David A. Kelly

Book cover for book one in the Most Valuable Players series

There are plenty of early chapter book series about sleuthing duos, but this crew of five friends is a true team. In each title, they play sports together while also pooling their strengths and smarts to solve a mystery. Definitely kid-approved!

14. Flashback Four Series by Dan Gutman

Book covers of the four titles in the Flashback Four series

An eccentric billionaire chooses four kids from very different backgrounds to travel through time and take historic photographs. They have plenty of close calls on their adventures and have to work as a team to get back in one piece.

15. Track series by Jason Reynolds

Box set of the four titles in the Track book series

Students and adult readers alike will be rooting for these characters, all members of an elite middle school track team. Each book focuses on one athlete and what they learn on and off the track to help them cope with life’s challenges.

16. All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys Soccer Team by Christina Soontornvat

Book cover for All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys Soccer Team

This is one of our favorite nonfiction books about teamwork for middle grade kids. It tells the dramatic story of how thousands of rescuers worked to save a group of 11 to 17-year old soccer players trapped in a cave for seventeen days. Examples of teamwork come from all sides—from the numerous crews of responders to the Wild Boars teammates themselves.

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16 Books About Teamwork and Cooperation to Bring Kids Together