Book Bracket Template: Free Download for March Madness and Beyond

It’s a battle of the books!

Book bracket templates for free download
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This month brings us both National Reading Month and March Madness, and to celebrate, we created this free book bracket template bundle featuring four different brackets plus a blank one to create your own! Ready for a battle of the books? Just fill out the form on this page to get your copy.

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What’s included in the bundle:

Women’s History + Basketball

Women's History Book Bracket and Basketball Book Bracket
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Because March is also Women’s History Month, we thought it would be fun to create a Women’s History Book Bracket featuring 16 different picture book biographies about famous women in history. Don’t have access to one of the listed books? No worries. All of the book bracket templates are fully editable so you can choose your own books.

We’ve also created a basketball book bracket that’s especially fitting for March Madness! If you’ve got basketball fans in your classroom, they’ll love reading these hoop-themed stories.

Picture Book Bracket

Picture book book bracket template
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Our picture book bracket features a slate of recent award-winning authors and illustrators, and invites students to read multiple books by the same authors and illustrators as they move through the bracket.

Middle Grade Book Bracket

Middle grade book bracket
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Invite upper elementary and middle school students to read and vote on their favorite recent books. Again, if you’d like to add your own titles, you’ll be able to, as all of the book brackets are fully editable.

Young Adult Book Bracket + Blank Book Bracket

Young adult book bracket and blank book bracket
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We didn’t forget the big kids! When you download our book bracket template bundle, you’ll also receive a young adult book bracket and a blank template you can use to create your own.

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Did you use these book bracket templates in your classroom? We’d love to hear about it! Email with your pictures and feedback.