Free Printable Science Posters To Celebrate Black History All Year Long

Original works of art to inspire your science students.

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Wards-Science-Black Scientist-Posters

Honor Black history all year long with this set of printable Black scientist posters. We partnered with Ward’s Science and professional book illustrator Kim Holt to create these original works of art. They are truly frame-worthy!

Hang them on your walls to brighten your space or project them on a screen to use as conversation starters. They’ll inspire your students and teach them about important Black scientists in history!


Take a peek at these beautiful Black scientist posters:

Emmett Chapelle

Black scientist poster featuring Emmett Chappell

Mae Jemison, MD

Black scientist poster featuring Mae Jemison

George Washington Carver

Poster of Black scientist George Washington Carver

Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD

Poster image of Black scientist Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD

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About the Illustrator

Kim Holt was born in Brooklyn, NY. Her passion for art and drawing started at an early age, fueled by her family’s love for the arts. Living directly across from the Brooklyn Museum was a blessing and an inspiration that greatly influenced her artistic path. Kim’s main goal as an artist is to create images that bring back memories and create pictures that make children wish they were inside the scenes. She currently resides in the D.C. area with her husband and two dogs, Sugar and Spice. Follow Kim on Instagram or visit her website.