17 Adorable Teacher Signs to Hang on Your Classroom Walls

I want them all!

teacher signs

Looking for a fun way to celebrate all of your hard work and add to your classroom decor? Here are 17 of our favorite, cute teacher signs.

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1. For all you superheroes out there

Put on your capes.

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2. For the supply-obsessed teacher

Who doesn’t love their own personalized pencils?


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3. For the Target-obsessed

Umm, well … hey, no judgment here!

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4. For Seuss fans

teacher signs

Sharing your passion is what life’s all about.

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5. For anyone with this simple credo

The happiest teachers love their work.

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6. For your classroom door

Teacher signs

Now is the time to plant seeds.

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7. For the cheerleader

These aren’t just classroom rules, they are rules for life.

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8. For the grateful teacher

teacher signs

Gratitude is a beautiful thing.

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9. For the teacher who likes their caffeine

Teachers need a reliable fuel source.

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10. For those of us who live in the danger zone

Students can’t say you didn’t warn them.

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11. For the artistic teacher

Every color in the rainbow is important.

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12. For the teacher who wants to spell it out

teacher signs

There it is, in black and white.

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13. For the teacher who encourages creative thinking

All it takes is that one inspirational teacher.

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14. For the teacher who loves affirmations

teacher signs

Reading the words reinforces them in the mind and heart.

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15. For the teacher who wants to define their turf

Our space is very important to us!

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16. For the teacher who is a master

Training little minds is a tricky business.

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17. For the teacher who knows what it takes

Positivity does wonders for learners.

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What are your favorite teacher signs? Share links in the comments below!