The Best Teacher Planners, According to Teachers

This year, buy a planner you’ll actually use.

two examples of teacher planners one book and one digital
We Are Teachers

Teacher planners are a hot topic of conversation on the We Are Teachers HELPLINE Facebook group. Many members say they’re constantly in search of the perfect teacher planner, one that will help them keep up with lessons, meetings, activities, and their personal lives too. We rounded up the planners teachers recommend most to one another. Take a look and find your own new favorite!

happy planner pages
The Happy Planner

1. The Happy Planner

Teachers simply adore the Happy Planner! It’s the most-recommended planner in the We Are Teachers Facebook group. It’s customizable with stickers, folder pages, and other accessories. Planner box kits are a cool option—find everything you need in one big kit, including themed stickers and accessories.

Review: “Love my Happy Planner! It’s awesome. Plenty of room for lesson planning! I bought notes pages and folder inserts, so I take it to meetings and use it to take notes, write dates, and keep any handouts I’m given!” -Brooke R. at the We Are Teachers HELPLINE

Buy it: The Happy Planner for less than $40 at The Happy Planner.

page in a planner with a to-do list written on it
Day Designer

2. Day Designer

If options are what you seek, Day Designer might be exactly what you’re looking for in a teacher planner. In addition to beautiful cover designs, they have daily, weekly, and monthly layouts available for purchase.


Review: The Day Designer “website has tons of planning pages you can download for free. I love them!” -Melanie E. at the We Are Teachers HELPLINE

Buy it: Day Designer planner for less than $70 at Day Designer.

blue sky planner cover with teacher written on the cover

3. Blue Sky Planners

This brand is another perennial favorite among experienced teachers. Blue Sky makes a wide variety of planners in different styles. Their teacher planners include monthly calendar pages and weekly pages, with plenty of room to write individual class plans. You’ll also find handy teacher reference pages like class birthdays and contact info. Choose from lots of styles.

Review: I loved this planner last year so I bought another this year. I teach 2nd grade. There are dividers for each day and it allows me to plan all my subjects. I love that it’s small. –Ronda at Amazon

Buy it: Blue Sky Planner for less than $11 at Amazon.

erin condren planner with writing in calendar style boxes
Erin Condren

4. Erin Condren Planners

Well-known among anyone familiar with planners, Erin Condren makes teacher planners that many people posting on the We Are Teachers HELPLINE swear by. These planners have weekly, monthly, and yearly planning tools. And, you can select spiral-bound, softbound or binder pages.

Review: “Love the layout” that’s vertical, not horizontal. -Jenn R. at the We Are Teachers HELPLINE

Buy it: Teacher Lesson Planner for less than $65 at Erin Condren.

plum paper teacher planner with days and lines to fill in information
Plum Paper

5. Plum Paper Planners

When Plum Paper says “personalized” teacher planners, they truly mean it. First, narrow your choices by grade level (Pre-K, Elementary, or Middle/High). Then choose from multiple sizes and layouts, plus dozens of personalizable cover patterns. Customize your planner further with preprinted pages showing subjects, times, and other details. You’ll also find a variety of accessories and add-ons. If you want a planner that meets your very exacting standards, Plum Paper is the way to go.

Review: “I have two [Plum Paper planners]: a teacher planner for school and a regular planner for all other aspects of my life. I love how customizable it is.”  -PurpleKat76 at Reddit

Buy it: Teacher planner for less than $60 at Plum Paper.

elan teacher planner

6. Elan Teacher Planner

When you’re looking for a quality basic planner, Elan is one of our favorite go-to options. Elan understands that some teachers prefer planners with days listed horizontally across the top, while others like the days listed down the side. They also offer six-, seven-, and eight-period versions, so you’ll have the space you need no matter how many classes you teach each day. There’s even an oversized option with fold-out pages for those who need more space to squeeze everything in.

Review: “Yes they are simple without a lot bells and whistles but it does the job beautifully. I teach Primary visual art and see several different grade levels in each day. This book allows me to keep my lessons up to date and organized.” –Patricia B. at Amazon

Buy it:

teacher planner cover that reads: teacher with a plan

7. Bloom Teacher Planner

These undated planners cover an academic year, giving you plenty of space for lessons plans, scheduling, and more. The colorful cover (four options available) is protected by a frosted plastic overlay, and the spiral binding allows the planner to lay flat for easy use. Extra pages include grade-book spreads, sub info, contacts, and even field trip planners!

Review: “The Bloom Daily Planner is my favorite planner due to the price of it, the sturdiness of it, the easy access to the month and weekly plan, and the ability to write extended daily plans.” –Tory at Amazon

Buy it: Bloom Teacher Planner for less than $35 at Amazon.

cover of a four the love of pi planner with flowers on it

8. 4theloveofpi Planner

If you are looking for a teacher planner with all the bells and whistles, look no further. It is no surprise that this customizable planner comes highly recommended repeatedly on the We Are Teachers HELPLINE by teachers. Created by a former teacher who could never find a planner that fit her needs, 4theloveofpi planners are true masterpieces. With 150 cover choices, eight layout options, and numerous available add-ons, this is guaranteed to satisfy even the most finicky teacher. Check out this video for an in-depth look into a new world of organization.

Review: “Another GAME CHANGER about the 4theloveofPi planner is the fact that it has the weekends included. I love that I can use one planner for work and personal life, it keeps me super organized.” –Teach to Love Learning

Buy it: 4theloveofpi planner, price depends on customization at 4 The Love of Pi.

bright pink planner with fox logo and stickers sticking out of the side for best teacher planner

9. Clever Fox Planners

According to Clever Fox, their planners are “an agenda, daily planner, gratitude journal, and goal-setting tool all rolled into one.” They have designed a variety of planners to fit different purposes, and their teacher planner is no exception. Pages designed just for teachers include a student information section, communication log, and an event schedule. With nine beautiful color choices in vegan leather, stickers, bookmarks, a pen holder, and a mini back pocket, this little wonder has it all. Each planner comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, with a full refund option if you choose to return it. Now that’s classy.

Review: “The content of this planner is highly motivating, and the size gives plenty of space to dream, organize, and celebrate victories and achievements.” -Jill at Amazon

Buy it: Clever Fox Planner for less than $35 at Amazon.

black and white teacher planner cover with an apple on the cover, best teacher planner

10. Schoolgirl Style

Schoolgirl Style founder Melanie Ralbusky gets us. As a teacher for almost two decades, she started her company in 2011 with educators in mind. As stated on her website, “Our hope is to provide an easy and inspirational avenue for teachers to create inviting spaces conducive to learning.” Many of the design options correlate with her classroom decor themes, for those of you who like all your materials to match (hello, elementary school teachers!).

Review: “We actually use it to homeschool 6 kids! It’s perfect lots of space!” –Amber at Amazon

Buy it: Schoolgirl Style

rocketbook planner cover

11. Rocketbook Reusable Planner

This nifty planner takes things to a new level. Using the Rocketbook app, everything you record on the pages can be uploaded and stored in the cloud for safe keeping and easy sharing with colleagues. In addition, the entire notebook is reusable. Just wipe down the pages at the end of the school year, and voilà, you have a clean slate for the upcoming new year. There are 48 erasable pages, which include weekly and monthly spreads. There are also eight teacher-designed templates for exams, lesson plans, schedules, and more. Just be sure to use a Pilot FriXion pen, since those are what make the magic happen. Help save the planet and money all at once!

Review: “It’s lightweight and doesn’t add bulk or weight to my teacher bag. It’s easy to scan and file the double-paged scans. No trouble to wipe and reuse, especially if you keep up with it.” –Izzy at Amazon

Buy it: Rocketbook for less than $35 at Amazon

blue green planner cover open with calendar inside for an example of a best teacher planners

12. TUL Planner

If you are looking for a no-frills planner at a midrange price, this one’s for you. Teachers on the We Are Teachers HELPLINE have nothing but good things to say about the eco-conscious TUL Teacher Planner. This is a disc-bound planner, which means you can add pages as you go and then completely refill it for the next year. This is a great choice for those new to planners who want more than just a basic, disposable option. The TUL is built to last.

Review: “I LOVE this one. Been using it for 3 years.” -Bridget B. at the We Are Teachers HELPLINE

Buy it: TUL Teacher Planner at Amazon.

teacher color planner cover for best teacher planners

13. Teacher Coloring Planner

Planning can be stressful, so we love this planner that incorporates coloring pages and borders that are perfect for mindful relaxation. The planning pages are ample, with both monthly and weekly spreads. Other welcome additions include a folder page and space for notes, holidays, and birthdays.

Review: “I like how it is laid out with a large monthly calendar and a page for notes right behind it. The coloring page is opposite the notes page. I like it, but not sure how much coloring I will actually get done. Most of it will probably be done while sitting in meetings.” -Peggy at Amazon

Buy it: Teacher Coloring Plan Book for less than $20 at Amazon.

teacher planner with writing all teachers have class

14. Aim High Teacher Planner

Made by Carson Dellosa Publishing, this planner has been designed by a company that has been creating teacher materials for over 40 years. The planner is undated, which is perfect for those of us who tend to stop and start in our planning, or maybe who want to start in July (or December) instead of August or September. It contains communication logs, substitute information, and a notes section.

Review: “I love that this planner comes with a graph paper section! I use it to plan seating charts and anytime I feel like moving my classroom around.” -Jolene M at the We Are Teachers HELPLINE

Buy it: Aim High Planner for less than $11 at Amazon.

home sweet classroom teacher planner

15. Home Sweet Classroom Planner

Love stickers? This is your planner! You get more than 300 stickers to really personalize this planner and make it your own. It includes academic year monthly spreads and 40 weekly page spreads for lesson planning.

Buy it: Home Sweet Classroom Planner for less than $10 at Amazon.

teacher planner with cactus decoration

16. Maalbok Teacher Planner

If you don’t want to spend a whole lot, Maalbok’s planner is a smart choice. It includes monthly and weekly spreads for an entire year. There are pages for special dates and birthdays, weekly activities, and reference info. The spiral binding allows it to lay flat to make writing in it easier.

Review: “I really like this calendar! The pages are sturdy, the dividers are also, the colors are vibrant, it’s a great organizational tool!” -Liz at Amazon

Buy it: Maalbok Planner for less than $10 at Amazon.

cover of teacher planner with leaf decoration

17. Emmeline Bloom

Looking for a bargain planner? This basic option won’t break the bank. You don’t get a spiral binding or many bells and whistles, but it’ll cover most of your needs. It has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon, so this is definitely a top teacher pick.

Review: “This planner was perfect for me as a 6th grade teacher! Simple, cute and affordable!” -Stefanie at Amazon

Buy it: Emmeline Bloom Planner for less than $10 at Amazon.

light blue teacher planner with pages of stickers on the side

18. Legend Teacher Planner

The Legend Teacher Planner has monthly and weekly planning pages, places for lists, space to record grades and assignments, all in a sleek book format.

Review:  “With our 7 day block cycle, traditional M-F planners just don’t work for me. This planner has seven columns on the two open pages, so I can do the whole 7 day cycle and see it laid out on one page basically.” -K. Jeske at Amazon

Buy it: Legend Teacher Planner for less than $30 on Amazon.

planberry teacher planner with pages of stickers

19. Planberry

Planberry planners have all the pages teachers need (monthly and weekly planning, grade record pages) and it’s known for being well-made with high quality paper that holds up to all the notes and inevitable erasing and changes.

Review: “In teaching, organization is key to success. This planner really helps with that. It is quality material. The pages do not bleed through like most other planners I have used. The stickers are a nice touch. There are pages for everything and plenty of room to make notes and lesson plans for up to seven different classes.” -Richard at Amazon

Buy it: Planberry Teacher Planner for less than $20 at Amazon.

preschool planning book

20. Daily Plan Book for Preschool

Pre-K teachers have different planning needs, and this book is designed just for them. It’s nice and big with a bright cover, so it won’t get lost in the clutter on your desk. There are additional pages for student details, sub info, classroom layouts, birthdays, and much more.

Review: I teach a preschool class for children with disabilities so I need a lot of space for writing not only general lesson plans, but specific skills for my children. This plan book provides big pages to get everything in, along with an adjoining page for special activities and centers. –mwalker at Amazon

Buy it: Preschool Daily Plan Book for less than $10 at Amazon.

tablet with calendar on the screen
K Digital Studio

21. K Digital Studio

KDigitalStudio digital teacher planners are designed to work best with tablets or laptops. There are numerous templates available to make your planner really work for you. Different pages allow you to keep track of learning objectives, plan projects and essays, keep track of class information, and more. If you’re worried about missing out on the fun decorative touches like stickers and pretty covers, don’t worry! Those are included too. Additionally, your digital planner comes with access to video tutorials and how-to guides to help those of us who might be new to digital planning.

Review: “Digital planning is so addictive, so beware!” -Mandi R. at the HELPLINE

Buy it: KDigitalStudio at K Digital Studio.

planbook digital planner example computer screen with a calendar

22. Planbook

Planbook is the most popular digital planner with teachers on the HELPLINE. You can set up your plans to meet your needs, regardless of what level you teach. Lessons can easily be shifted if things don’t go as planned, which happens all the time in the teaching world. Attach all the files, videos, links, and other resources you need right to the lesson, and easily align your goals with learning standards. You can reuse your plans each school year and easily tweak them when needed. Other Planbook features include seating charts, grade books, and attendance logs.

Review: “Very user-friendly, easy to modify, and it’s got all the standards already listed.” -Kelsey B. at the HELPLINE.

Buy it: for $15 per year at Planbook.

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book cover decorated with flowers 2024-2025 teacher lesson planner

23. Kinght Evander

This teacher planner has two pages per week to provide enough space for planning, as well as pages for birthdays, seating charts, attendance, and more.

Buy it: Kinght Evander teacher planner for less than $10 at Amazon.

teacher lesson planner

24. Undated Teacher Planner

The Undated planner is great for teachers who need flexibility in planning. It has space for seven periods and year-round planning, lots of space for brainstorming, and pages like field trip plans and volunteer lists.

Buy it: Undated teacher planner for less than $20 at Amazon.

teacher planner with writing on front it takes a lot of sparkle to teach young minds

25. Teacher Created Resources

Twelve months and 40 weeks of planning pages, and space for quotations, student rosters, and more. Stickers to add to pages to brighten it up. And, you can buy classroom décor to go with your planner with catchy phrases and themes.

Review: “I love how detailed the pages are, how this will help me be very organized with my lesson planning and other important things. The stickers are super cute and make it fun to add things to my planner.” -Ryne at Amazon

Buy it: Teacher Created Resources planner for less than $20 at Amazon.

teacher planner with abstract design and sticker pages

26. SUNEE Planner

The SUNEE teacher planner is a lay-flat binder with planning pages that have lots of writing space for each week. The focus is on durability, with a waterproof cover, thick paper for writing, dual spiral, and pockets for extra storage.

Review: “The paper is very smooth and thick, the months are colour coded and have well laminated tabs. There are several pages each of graph paper, seating charts, special dates, student info. contact records, and student logs. I usually use those logs when lending out supplies or keeping track of behaviour.” -kayakgurl at Amazon

Buy it: SUNEE Teacher Planner for less than $20 at Amazon.

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