25 of the Best “Teacher Looks” That We All Make

EXCUSE ME. What did you just say?

25 Best Teacher Looks

Whether you’re a new teacher who’s just starting out or a veteran of the field, we’re all blessed with the same gift. For some it happens on day one, for others it takes a few days/weeks/months to emerge—but it’s inevitable for us all, especially in the midst of one of those days.

Yep, we’re talking about that “look” you didn’t even know you had until you became a teacher, simply known as your “teacher look.”

It’s the way your eyes can suddenly start bugging out of your head or your lips can twist into a snarl. Those range of emotions—shocked, dubious and even scared—that will now overtake your face without warning. But, the teacher “look” is a rite of passage and something we wear with a certain sense of pride!

So, on the WeAreTeachers Facebook page, we asked you to share your best “teacher looks.” Guaranteed to make you laugh and not feel quite so alone—enjoy 22 of the very best ones!

1. The look of a first year teacher still figuring it all out

“This is my first year. I’ve been practicing my “teacher look”. This is what I’ve landed on. This look is 0% contempt, 0% condescension and 100% ‘Dude, that’s not how to student. You know how to student. You were just ‘studenting’ yesterday. Do student.'” —Jeremy B.


2. The look of a teacher who doesn’t mean to interrupt

“This is my ‘so you are going to keep talking to your friend right in front of me’ look?!? —Alicia M.

teacher looks - alicia jackson moore

3. The look of a teacher surrounded by freshmen

“Freshmen all day, every day. It’s not even my teacher face anymore. This is just my face.” —Mollie T.

4. The teacher look that always gets an apology

“This look is usually followed by a ‘Sorry, Mrs. Luplow.’ Then I smile, thank them, and help them with the math problem they were stuck on! —Jackie L.

5. The teacher look that’s passed down . . .

“My teacher look … and my sixth grade son mocking me for my teacher look!” —Lance C.

6. The teacher look that says turn around!

My ‘If you don’t go sit down somewhere’ look when a student is walking towards me when they should be in their seat or in centers!” —Sierra N.

teacher looks - sierra nelson

7. The look of a teacher fearing for her life

“Is this really the choice you’re making right now young-person-who-is-almost-old-enough-to-drive-a-vehicle-on-the-same-road-as-me? Really?” —Janna P.

8. The teacher look when trying to stay one step ahead of the seniors

I teach seniors. This face says, ‘I’m listening to your excuse and considering its believability.'” —Tabitha R.

9. The look of a teacher unsure that the future is bright!

“My ‘Your current choice is making me fear for the future’ look. Coincidentally, it’s also my ‘I just can’t even’ face. I teach middle school—enough said.” —Nicole E.

Teacher looks - nicole ekholm

10. The look of a teacher whose students have selective hearing

“When you spend ten minutes giving directions and you hear, ‘So what are we doing?'” —Kourtney P.

teacher looks - kourtney peters

11. The teacher look when you know that words don’t always work!

“This has been known to silence an entire class with one glance!” —Don B.

teacher looks - don bee

12. The teacher look that doubles as a poker face

“I may be dying of sadness, laughter, or rage internally, BUT I always try to maintain a pleasant demeanor. Cheesy, but it’s what I do.” —Isaac S.

teacher look - isaac rivas savell

13. The principal look that always makes students re-think their choices!

“My principal look. Reserved for incessant interrupting during assemblies, leaving messes in shared spaces, and anyone on the verge of making a decision they will want to rethink…” —Ted H.

teacher look - ted hutchings

14. The look of a teacher who knows better than to be so surprised!

“‘Wait, what? We have a test today?’ . . . after several announcements for a week.” —Edgardo M.

teacher look - edgardo mojica

15. The teacher look of a P.E. teacher with but one request

“P.E. teacher’s Aide here. This is my, ‘I asked you nicely for the umpteenth to sit your narrow behind down. Now kindly follow through with my request.’ —Brian T.


teacher looks - brian james thomas

16. The look of a teacher with all the time in the world!

“I teach fourth grade. This is my you’re not following directions and every second I wait will cost you look. l love my kids but we all have that one face some days.” —Chelsea V.

teacher looks - chelsea vasquez

17. The look of a teacher who just can’t believe her eyes!

“I teach elementary music, and with 650 plus kids, I’m always using the ‘That did not just happen….’ look!” —Ashley H.

teacher looks - ashley hagadon

18. The teacher look that screams ‘life is full of choices!’

“This is my ‘Are you sure you want to make that choice?????’ face. Stop, think, I’m glad you made a better choice!” —Becky P.

teacher looks - becky pace

19. The look of a teacher who can’t live without caffeine

“When the going gets tough, teachers grab their COFFEE!” —Mary M.

20. The look of a teacher who’s around creative geniuses all day long

“I teach six classes of theater and musical theater. My kids say/do weird things. I make this face a lot.” —Heather C.

heather dobbs

21. The teacher whose look confirms she’s found her calling!

“Happy face because I wouldn’t wanna do anything else but teach preschool!” —Kim G.

22. The look of a teacher who can stop crimes

“My kiddos know this face means they did something wrong and stop in their tracks!” —Lauren L.

teacher looks - lauren lewallen

23. The teacher look with the power to reduce cell phone bills

“I know you aren’t on your phone, AGAIN!? We just had a discussion about this!” —Seth B.

teacher looks - seth baxter

24. The teacher look that demands an explanation!

“What ARE you doing…??” —Sean P.

teacher looks - sean pontius

25. The teacher look after practically doing flip flops to make a point

“My look 80% of the time after I’ve explained, modeled, danced and demonstrated a skill 59987633 times and a kid ask again. I’ll never trade it though.” —Kang-Xing J.

teacher look - kang-xing-jin

We’d love to see more teacher looks if you’re willing to share! Just email us at submissions@weareteachers.com. We’ll add our favorites to this post!