The Best Friends Quotes for Surviving a Tough Teaching Day

Could this BE any more spot on?

Oh My Gawd - Best Friends TV Show Quotes for Teachers

Having one of those days when nothing goes right? We’ve all been there and we’ve all pushed through and gotten to a brighter, happier, better side. But, sometimes you need reassurance that there’s gonna be a bright light at the end of a very long school day. My go-to, happy place has always been the TV show Friends. I’ll binge entire seasons when I need to decompress over the weekend. And on school days when I’m feeling stressed and on the verge of tears? My secret weapon is to find the best Friends TV show quotes to make me laugh instead. It instantly switches my mood and my mindset—and reminds me that Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe really ARE there for me (and can be there for you too)!

1. “How YOU doin’?”

Just imagine a clueless Joey trying out his classic pick-up line on you and suddenly the fact that none of your students completed their assigned reading won’t feel so infuriating!


2. “PIVOT!”

You know when your principal denies your request to try out a new PD workshop? Or the lesson plans you slaved over are missing the mark? Don’t be defeated, just make like Ross and change direction!


3. “I’m sorry!”

When you’re sorry (but not really sorry) that your students don’t like their homework assignments … Joey’s blatant misuse of air quotes will make you giggle!


4. “Oh. My. Gawd!”

Is there any situation throughout the school day where letting out a dramatic, loud, “OH. MY. GAWD” a la Janice wouldn’t release some tension?


friends quotes


5. “It’s a moo point . . .”

As Joey says, “It’s like a cow’s opinion. You know, it just doesn’t matter.” Keep that in mind the next time you don’t feel heard at a faculty meeting — at least you didn’t make a moo point, right?


6. “You’re my lobster”

The next time you have a stupid spat over a miscommunication with your teacher BFF, just remind her that your each other’s lobsters — and move on!


7. “Unagi!”

When you can’t figure out why your students won’t sit still, the good copier is broken and parents discovered your emergency only cell phone number … if it’s a not a full moon then maybe it’s time to practice some “unagi!”


8. “Joey doesn’t share food!”

When you feel like your time, energy and resources are being stretched and you have nothing left to give … make like Joey and stop sharing! Also works well when other teachers are guilting you into sharing your snacks!


What do you think are the best Friends quotes? We’d love to hear in the comments.