20 Awesome Finds That Nail A Teacher’s First Love: Coffee

Caffeine powers, activate.

20 Awesome Finds for Teacher Coffee Lovers

If you’re like me, starting your day without a cup of coffee is like fumbling around in the dark. And if you can’t fathom facing your students without the caffeine  to perk you up, you’re not alone! To celebrate our love of all things “joe,” we’ve rounded up the funniest, funnest, and most functional gift ideas for any coffee-loving teacher in your life. We have coffee mugs, shirts, bags, and more. And if you’re the biggest caffeine loving teacher you know, go ahead and treat yo self! Show off your caffeine pride at school, and tell us which ones you’re buying first.

1. A T-shirt that sets your priorities straight

Because without coffee, your students simply won’t get the best version of you!


2. Socks that send a message

Whether you’ve gotten a little too comfy in the teachers lounge or need your significant other to take a major hint, these socks combine fashion, function, and survival!

Products for coffee lovers - coffee socks


3. A spoon that speaks on your behalf


True coffee lovers know that nothing of importance happens until those first few sips have been absorbed into your blood stream … and it sends a subtle reminder in the teacher’s lounge!
coffee lovers - spoon


4. A shirt that sets your schedule for the day ahead

Success is guaranteed when coffee comes first!
coffee lovers shirt


5. A necklace that takes caffeine pride to another level

You don’t have to be a chemistry teacher to appreciate this unique way of carrying coffee close to your heart. Yep, this necklace features the chemical structure of caffeine!


6. A coloring book that just gets your coffee addiction

Coloring isn’t just for your students—it’s been proven to aid adults with stress relief, too. So why not rid some tension while coloring calming mugfuls of coffee?


7. A tote bag to show off your coffee pride

May the most perfect way to carry around your books, planner, and trusted coffee mugs …
coffee lovers tote bag


8. A mug that alerts others to how well you’re functioning

On a scale of “don’t speak” to “ok. I’m listening”—it’s helpful when others know how much more caffeine you need before you’re ability to hold a meaningful convo sets in.


9. Candy for when you’re in a pinch

You know when you’re in class and you’re coffee mug is empty? And, it’s still a few hours before you can refill? Not to worry—in a pinch, these hard candies get you through. They’re made with real coffee!


10. An iPhone case that sets the tone

“Every day is a coffee day” indeed!


11. A sign that ensures you’re surrounded by those who get it

Something funny for your classroom or the teacher’s lounge—if your colleagues get the joke, you know you’ve found friends for life!
coffee sign


12. A shirt that reveals the secret to your success

Coffee. It propels the magic every time!


13. A mug that confirms what we already know

Teachers are made up by about 150 percent caffeine!


14. A mug that combines your two greatest loves

Harry Potter and caffeine!
harry potter coffee mug


15. A decal to power you through

And let the world know what’s in your tank!
teacher decal


16. A lunch tote that gets it

And won’t judge if you’re still drinking coffee at noon!


17. A mug for coffee lovers doubling as chemistry teachers

Or, really any teacher of any subject who enjoy pairing coffee with a good pun!


18. A travel mug that keeps you going

Without it, you may never make it through the first bell!


19. A sweatshirt to keep you cozy

And reveal your secret power!


20. A T-shirt that speaks the truth

Because love and laughter are what your kids will remember the most!