It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for co-worker Secret Santas! This week, teacher Maria wrote in to the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE! with the following Christmas conundrum: “What do I get for a Secret Santa gift for teachers I don’t really know at all? There’s a $10 maximum.”

Here are 25 no-fail ideas from our awesome community of teachers—all of them ten bucks or less. Happy holidays, everyone!

1. Big pack of Sharpies.
2. TeachersPayTeachers gift card.
3. Giant jug of hand sanitizer.
4. Make a spa basket of items from the dollar store.
5. Classroom decor that goes with your Secret Santa’s classroom theme.
6. Box of antibacterial wipes.
7. Candles.
8. Incense.
9. Mug with candy inside.
10. Gift card to the local coffee shop.
11. Hit up the dollar section at Target.
12. Magazines.
13. Chocolate.
14. Bag of almonds with a note that says, “We’re all nuts!”
15. Lavender (or otherwise-luxuriously scented) hand soap.
16. Make brownies and individually wrap them.
17. Matching hat and gloves.
18. Wintry scarf.
19. Cute ornament.
20. Dinner in a basket: pasta, sauce, and a CD of Italian classics.
21. Classroom art supplies.
22. Bake a tin of cookies (or give a fruit platter for a healthier option).
23. Festive wrapping paper (you know they need it!).
24. Paperback for relaxing winter vacation reading.
25. You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ AMEX gift card. Perfect fit!

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