23 Baseball Drills To Help Kids Improve Their Game

Keep your eye on the ball!

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America’s national pastime is fun, but to have a successful game, you need to have a grasp on the basics of baseball like catching, hitting, and throwing. The good news is there are plenty of baseball drills to help kids learn. Some are even versatile enough to use all the way from T-ball up through the MLB! And although it’s ideal to play baseball outside, there are even drills that can be played indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Check out our list of the best baseball drills to try with your players.

Baseball Hitting Drills

1. Mirror Hitting

This is undoubtedly one of the most creative indoor baseball drills we’ve seen. Use a mirror to help kids perfect their swing when harsh weather keeps them indoors.

Three Hitting Drills for Kids

2. No Look Swing

This simple drill can even be done off a batting tee if you’re short on people to play with. The coach in this video explains that this drill is equally important for kids playing T-ball all the way through professionals. The focus here is to keep your eye on the ball and to not look up for a few seconds once you’ve made contact with the ball. (Time stamp 0:00–2:07)

3. Separation Swing

This drill is really all about breaking down the different body movements that occur while swinging the bat. The coach in the video compares the correct form to a tightly wound elastic band or a bow and arrow. (Time stamp 2:08–3:51)

4. High T, Low T

This drill utilizes a tee to work on hitting balls at different areas of the strike zone. While most tees will go low enough to represent a low pitch, smaller players may want to use an orange cone instead. (Time stamp 3:52–5:48)

Baseball Pitching Drills

5. Pitching Knockout


This is a fun spin on basketball knockout, except players will attempt to knock each other out by throwing a strike. If they miss, they are in the hot seat and the next player at the mound can knock them out by throwing a strike.

Three Unconventional Pitching Drills

6. Kneel of Fortune

This drill focuses on proper pitching form from the waist up since players will have to attempt to throw strikes from a kneeling position. Have pitchers take turns and see who can throw the most strikes. A little healthy competition is good for all of us! (Time stamp 0:00–1:12)

7. The Flamingo

You will need a folding chair to run this drill since players will have to keep one leg on a chair while pitching. Players will learn to rotate their hips properly to help them bring their throwing shoulder over the target so they can improve speed and accuracy. (Time stamp 2:29–3:23)

8. Towel Slap

The pitcher climbs the mound, but instead of a ball in their hands, they will be holding a towel. A second player or the coach stands about 10 feet away with their glove outstretched so the pitcher has a target. Finally, the pitcher practices throwing a pitch and once they hit the proper release point, they snap the towel. If they hit the target, they earn a point. (Time stamp 3:26–4:31)

Baseball Catching Drills

Fingers Up and Fingers Down

9. Fingers Up

Players practice catching the ball in three different positions while always remembering to keep their fingers up. Since young players may be hesitant at first, you can start by having them catch something softer than a baseball or softball. Once they are comfortable with catching this way, you can have them try it while standing on one leg. (Time stamp 0:00–8:42)

10. Fingers Down

This is really just a repeat of the previous drill, but this time with the fingers down. (Time stamp 8:43–9:28)

11. Turn to Catch

Once players have mastered catching a ball head-on, they can begin to learn how to turn and catch. While young players may be tempted to simply reach for the ball, the coach in this video teaches them to rotate their shoulder instead.

Baseball Infield Drills

12. Three-Cone Fundamentals

We especially love that this drill uses just four simple cones to perfect the player’s pre-pitch step, breakdown in the fielding position, and footwork into first base. (Time stamp 0:24–1:27)

13. Short Hop Attack

This drill focuses on proper footwork so players know how to attack a short hop. Just two cones can be used to ensure that players are pressing their feet toward the direction of the short hop while also working on planting and realigning. (Time stamp 1:28–2:42)

14. Dry Action Cone Drill

This drill works on footwork and proper technique for multiple types of ground balls since it is an integral skill for any good infielder. You’ll need to do some setup to mimic the cone and ball setup before beginning the drill. (Time stamp 2:45–3:48)

Baseball Outfield Drills

15. Drop Step Drill

This drill focuses on what to do if the ball is hit over your head during a game. The coach in the video goes through where to position your body and also your feet depending on where the ball goes. (Time stamp 1:24–3:21)

16. Get-Behind Drill

Before doing this drill with your players, set up two cones spaced vertically about 6 to 7 feet apart. Players start at the front cone, then back up to the back cone as if they are trying to catch a fly ball. (Time stamp 3:24–4:44)

17. Zigzag Drill

Set up several cones in a zigzag format, then have your players work on their footwork and flipping their hips. (Time stamp 4:46–6:10)

Baseball Fielding Drills

18. Right, Left Tap Tap

Coach Justin in the video recommends using this drill as a warm-up drill for T-ball players all the way through professional players. Players simply step with their right foot, then their left, before tapping their glove gently on the ground twice.

19. Goalie Drill

While soccer and baseball may not have a ton in common, this fun drill is a little bit of both. Use two baseballs to designate the goal area, then challenge players to see who can make the most saves.

20. Basic Fielding Drills

This video covers a number of different simple infield drills that perfect things like posture and footwork for many different scenarios.

Baseball Throwing Drills

21. Throwing Mechanics

Since most young players come into baseball as a blank slate, it is important to teach them the basic mechanics of skills like throwing. This video teaches kids three steps: grip, up and back, and throw.

22. Correcting Short-Arm

This drill focuses on pulling the ball back and stepping forward so players can avoid the common mistake of short-arm throwing. Once they’ve mastered the motion, play a really easy game of catch to really reinforce it and work on muscle memory.

23. Indoor Throwing Drill

While no one likes a cancelled baseball practice, we do love baseball drills that can be performed inside your house! Perfect your throwing technique using just a sock and a baseball.

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Baseball is America's national pastime for a reason! Pass your love of the game on to your kids with these fun baseball drills.