As you know, there’s a much bigger emphasis being placed on informational text at the high school level these days. But it isn’t always easy to find age-appropriate nonfiction that is engaging and fun to read. That’s why we love this series of dynamic workbooks for grades 7–12, which also include related vocabulary lists, questions and more.  

Reading Informational Texts From Prestwick House

Why we love it: Each book in the series includes four to five writings from historic figures like Frederick Douglass, speeches by leaders such as Winston Churchill, court opinions such as Brown v. Board of Education, scientific essays and more. Each text’s introduction gives vital background information on historical context and short, side-margin annotations to help students unpack challenging ideas.

Terrific teacher editions: In addition to answer keys, analysis of each text’s complexity is provided so you can gauge when your students are ready for each section. Meaty, instruction-packed teaching tips are provided at the beginning of each book relevant to teaching informational texts for the appropriate grade level.

Awesome assignments: Every text has at its end short-answer questions and a longer essay question that challenge students to analyze the text, not merely regurgitate facts. Students can answer the texts directly in the workbook, or you can have them answer on paper or tablets and reuse the books year after year. 

Fab vocab: Lists of challenging vocabulary words accompany each text and are defined in context. (Tell that to parents who ask about SAT prep work.) 

Get a free sample: Try Reading Informational Texts on the house (Prestwick House, that is) by requesting a digital sample. 

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