If Every Teacher at Your School Was One of the Avengers …

Here’s who would be who.

Teacher Personalities As Told Through The Avengers

Everyone already knows that teachers are superheroes, so we wondered how it would go if actual superheroes took on the job. I mean, sure, they can save the world, but can they teach sophomores? Here is the official guide to decoding your colleagues through the Avengers.

Captain Marvel is the Pinterest-perfect teacher.

Captain Marvel

They stand out for all of the right reasons, have a classroom you would only see on Pinterest, and always have the cutest outfits. They may draw envy from other teachers, but they spend much of their free time thinking and researching ways on Pinterest that they can make their classroom a more welcoming environment. And yes, they love looking good and showing the world when they do—but they are NOT above getting down and dirty when it comes to helping their students grow.

Hulk is the stressed-out teacher.

Teacher Personalities Avengers Hulk

You know, they are the one who always panics between classes thinking their students can’t see them. (News flash: Students see everything.) The Hulk teacher is overwhelmed by everything and takes headache medicine before every meeting. You’re a little bit nervous because you never know when “Bruce Banner” might let their Hulk-like wrath out.


Thor is the charismatic teacher.

Teacher Personalities Avengers hot teacher

Y’all know the teachers who all the students want to be like, who are asked to be in charge of a dozen after-school programs, and are just generally the most popular with the students? That’s definitely Thor as a teacher—approachable, friendly, well-liked by everyone, and definitely fueled by coffee. 

Nick Fury is the strict but understanding teacher.


Nick Fury

This is the tenured teacher who has been around the block more than once. They’ve seen it all, know how to handle the most difficult situations, and understands that sometimes tough decisions need to be made. But ultimately, they want their students to succeed and will do WHATEVER it takes to help if a student puts the effort in—even if that means skirting around orders and rules given from higher up. 

Iron Man is the rebellious teacher.


This is the too-cool-for-rules teacher who makes fun of the principal to get their students to like them. They break minor school policies (using his phone in class, bringing coffee into a technology classroom, etc.) just because they can. And when he’s forced to do something he doesn’t want to, he blames it on the administrators. At the end of the day however, they can and will get serious when they need to, much to the dismay of any students who try to take advantage.

Gamora is the hyper-focused teacher.


You know the type: the teacher who acts serious all the time and who’s only interested in doing their job, not making friends. They are so determined that it’s like they don’t care about anything else. Don’t be fooled, though: This type of teacher is only so focused on doing well because they care so much, and there is a big heart underneath all that cold concentration.

Spider-Man is the first-year teacher.


This teacher is only a few years older than most of the students. Deep down, this teacher is insecure and wants to prove themselves but doesn’t answer half the time when someone calls them “MISTER Parker” because they’re not used to it yet. This teacher lets their students get away with way too much because they just want to be everyone’s friend. They try too hard to be casual and know deep down that they have a lot to learn. That doesn’t stop them from trying, though!

Black Panther is the empowering teacher.

Teacher Personalities Avengers Black Panther

This is the teacher who always has enough time for everyone, even at 3:30 p.m. on a Friday. They go out of their way to make sure that even the quietest students get the chance to share ideas because they want everyone to know their voice matters. They’re always encouraging students to “be the change” and telling them they can make a difference in the world. This teacher is patient and passionate, and everyone can tell. They’re fantastic leaders and always cool under pressure.

Captain America is the cares-too-much teacher.

Captain America

You know Cap stays late after class to help his students with math homework even though he’s an English teacher. This type of teacher probably has a special secret handshake for each student. They learn everyone’s name on the first day, never forget the names of any past students, and give loads of extra credit opportunities. This teacher sees endless potential in every last kid and just wants everyone to succeed, okay?

Wasp is the know-it-all teacher (in the best way).

The Wasp

This teacher has all the answers: They’ve taken several pedagogy classes and are equipped to handle any crisis in or out of the classroom. You may be tempted to roll your eyes when they start trying to tell you how to do something in your own classroom, but listen to and trust them—they really know their stuff!

Star-Lord is the forgetful teacher.

Star Lord

Also known as “the teacher who has a good heart but is sort of hopeless at times,” they forget everything from assigned homework to standardized-testing day. They can be an easy target for students in the middle-school-age range, but students generally love this teacher and their fluid, fun-loving personality. What they lack in organization, they usually make up for in social skills—and sometimes dance moves.

Doctor Strange is the “I wanted to teach college” teacher.

Dr. Strange

This teacher had big dreams of becoming a tenured professor, but instead it’s algebra to high school freshmen. Maybe they haven’t quite come to terms with it yet, either. This teacher can come off as disgruntled, disappointed, and generally dissatisfied with life. This teacher mocks students in a way that makes students think they’re only joking, but they’re definitely serious. Despite their detachment, most students adore them—and their snarky wit.

Black Widow is the deceptively tough-as-nails teacher.

Black Widow

They’re the teacher who always surprises their students when it comes time to pass out grades because they act so nice in class, but then—bam!—everyone fails the first test because no one studied, thinking that the Black Widow teacher was the kind of teacher to just give A’s to everyone. Wake up, kids—nothing gets by her.

Rocket is the gadget-loving, techy teacher.


If there’s an app for it, this teacher knew about it well before you. They always  have all the latest technology, gear, and accessories, and rely heavily on them as resources in the classroom. Tech is their best friend, but the drawback to being this teacher is when ALL of the other teachers come to them for every single tech-related problem they have.

Scarlet Witch is the hipster teacher.

Teacher Personalities Avengers Scarlet Witch

They are the “shawl-wearing free spirit with crystals and herbal plants in their classroom” kind of teacher. They might start class 15 minutes late, but they will never be fired. When they do work, they’re one of the best teachers at the school. You might wonder where she is a lot of the time, but Wanda’s always worth the wait.

Vision is the socially awkward teacher.

Teacher Personalities Avengers Vision

There’s always one (or more) in every school: hyperintelligent and caring but a little out of touch with “kids these days.” They know their subject inside and out, but they sometimes talk over their students’ heads. In return, students tease the Vision teacher about their lack of good people skills. They’re the kind of teacher that uses slang to be cool without realizing they’re ever using it wrong.

Hawkeye is the long-term substitute teacher.

Teacher Personalities Avengers Hawkeye

Great at their job, loved by all their students, friends with the other teachers, and has been there so long people forget they’re just a sub. Seriously, why haven’t they been offered a full-time position yet?! 

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If Every Teacher at Your School Was One of the Avengers ...