20 Best Anti-Bullying Videos To Share With Your Students

Empower kids to stand up for themselves and others.

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Bullying is an incredibly tough topic to tackle in the classroom. But the more we talk about it, the better our chances of making things safer for all kids. These anti-bullying videos help start conversations and provide kids with new points of view. There’s something here for every age, so choose a few to share with your students as part of a larger program to address bullying.

1. Robot Bullies

Best for: Upper Elementary

After seeing her classmate Judy bullied by other classmates and going along with it, Nellie accidentally steps into a time machine. It transports her to the future, which is full of robot bullies. Nellie realizes she herself was a robot bully. When she returns to the present, Nellie stands up for Judy—and herself.

2. Anti-Bullying Squad

Best for: Elementary

The Anti-Bullying Squad (ABS) is here to help! This animated video features tips for standing up to bullies and seeking help when you need it.

3. Jeremy Anderson Anti-Bullying Video


Best for: Middle/High School

Anderson is a popular motivational speaker, and his anti-bullying message comes straight from the heart. He envisions a world where bullying has lost its power, and students will be inspired.


4. Five Ways To Stop Bullying

Best for: Upper Elementary/Middle School

This is one of our favorite anti-bullying videos because it gives kids concrete steps to take. The five tips encourage kids to stand up to bullies and seek help when they need it.

5. Anti-Bullying Animated Short Film

Best for: Middle/High School

This wordless animated film doesn’t pull any punches. It shows the violence associated with a lot of bullying and bullying’s strong connection with suicide. This one will definitely open up a lot of paths for discussion in your classroom.

6. Anti-Bullying: It Only Takes One

Best for: Any Grade

This short, wordless video would make a great PSA on your morning announcements. Or use it to spark a creative writing assignment: What do you think happens before and after this video takes place?

7. Be the Change

Best for: Middle/High School

A student who’s been bullied himself begins to bully others. Then he realizes it’s up to him to break the chain. This may strike a chord with many kids who think it’s OK to bully because they’ve experienced it themselves.

8. The Rainbow

Best for: Elementary

Sarah has trouble making friends until one girl decides to leave the others behind and join Sarah for some fun. This is a simplistic video, but it’s good for younger students to start conversations around kindness and friendship.

9. Celebrities Anti-Bullying Video

Best for: Middle/High School

Kids might be surprised to learn that many of their favorites celebrities were bullied when they were in school. This video helps students realize that bullies don’t have to ruin their lives. Pair it with other material that gives kids advice on how to stand up for themselves and others and when to involve adults.

10. McGruff Anti-Bullying Video

Best for: Elementary

Remember McGruff? He stars in this video, helping a little girl who’s being bullied by teaching her to “Stop, talk, and walk.” He also encourages other students to stand up when they see bullying and gives the bullies themselves a lesson too.

11. Sesame Street: Becoming an Upstander

Best for: Pre-K/Early Elementary

Big Bird wants to join the Good Bird Club but is surprised to find it’s made up of bullies! This is one of the best anti-bullying videos for very young kids. It introduces the topic with characters they know and love.

12. Be an Upstander—Prevent Bullying

Best for: Elementary

Kids learn the difference between bystanders and upstanders in this video. Upstanders stand up to bullying, using one of the four options outlined here.

13. The Meanest Girl in Second Grade

Best for: Early Elementary

Zoe is mean, and she enjoys it. Then one day when she bullies a new student, her friends let her know that it’s just not OK.

14. Bully: A Read-Along Story About Bullies for Kids


Best for: Pre-K/Early Elementary

This read-along story is about Lupi, who’s bullied on the playground. His tale will resonate with younger kids who’ve already experienced mean behavior from others.

15. What Being Bullied Actually Does to You

Best for: Middle/High School

For a more informational approach, try this video. It’s full of statistics and facts about bullying. It also provides info on programs that help fight bullying activity.

16. Protect Yourself Rules

Best for: Elementary

“No one ever has the right to hurt you or make you feel unsafe.” It’s important for kids to know that bullying is never ever OK. They need to learn to stop, walk away, and tell an adult they trust.

17. Jack Hartmann, Stop Bullying Now

Best for: Pre-K/Early Elementary

Jack Hartmann has a song for everything! This one urges kids to be kind to one another and stand up to bullies.

18. Captain McFinn: Help Kids Learn How To Stop Bullying

Best for: Early Elementary

The Coral Cuties of Sand Dusty Reef only invite certain fish to be their friends, and all the other fish think they’re cool. When the Coral Cuties invite Gretta Grouper to play with them, she starts to feel cool like them, but realizes they just want to make fun of her. Gretta learns that everyone is special in their very own way, no matter what a bully may do or say.

19. What Is Bullying?

Best for: Upper Elementary/Middle School

Define bullying and learn more about why kids bully to begin with. The answer may surprise some students.

20. What To Do About Bullying

Best for: Upper Elementary/Middle School

This is the second part of video 19 above. Learn what you can do if you see bullying happen and how to help the victim.

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Introduce this tough topic in your classroom with these anti-bullying videos. There are engaging options here for all ages and grades.