7 Super Strategies for Addition: Free Posters and Lesson Plans

Effective addition teaching + beautiful classroom décor = gift for you!

Free Addition Strategies Poster for the Classroom - WeAreTeachers

Getting your elementary students fluent in the 100 Basic Addition Facts is such an important goal. Once they have their “pluses” down, students possess the building blocks they’ll need for the math learning that comes next! So, we developed this addition strategies poster series to help elementary students understand these seven simple and essential rules. 

You can hang the posters as an all-in-one. Or you can display the different addition strategies around your classroom. 

Each addition strategy has a corresponding lesson plan! All seven lessons have hands-on activities outlined to help your students understand and apply these useful ways to grasp the addition basics.

Just enter your info in the box at right to receive your free digital poster series and lesson plan kit! 

As soon as you sign up, you’ll immediately receive your classroom kit with the beautifully designed, printer-ready posters and curriculum-aligned lesson plans for download. We will also email you digital versions for easy saving to your files.  

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Thanks to St. Jude for sponsoring this awesome addition classroom kit for teachers. To learn more about ways schools can support St. Jude, visit the St. Jude Children’s Hospital teacher site  or our resource hub on WeAreTeachers

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