12 Ways to Treat Your Students on Valentine’s Day (With No Added Sugar)

So Sweet!

Do you LOVE to surprise your students with a little Valentine’s Day treat? Here are 12 sweet, easy, low-cost ideas gathered from our WeAreTeachers Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

1. Pencil Heart
Because really, can your students ever have enough pencils?!?

2. Crayon Box Treat

Mmmm! The beloved smell of a fresh box of crayons.

3. Toothbrush Surprise

Practical, yes. But believe it or not, kids do get excited about a new toothbrush!

4. Glow Stick Magic
Because our students light up our lives!

5. Crazy Straw 
They can practice blowing bubbles in their chocolate milk at home!

6. Bubble-icious!

One of the best pastimes of childhood: bubbles!

7. Squeaky Clean
They will love teeny tiny bottles of their own soap. (And maybe get excited about banishing those pesky germs!)

8. Nuts About You

Learning to crack pistachios is a sophisticated skill! Buy a large bag and divide it into smaller baggies for your students.

9. Sweet Lips

Help them combat chapped-lip season with this sweet valentine!

10. You Rule!
Go ahead, tell them how you really feel!

11. Tic-Tac-Toe Fun 
And if you’re trying to stay away from candy, you could use jewel stones or beads instead of M&M’s.

12. ONE Candy Treat 
OK, we couldn’t resist. Gummy bears are just so cute!

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with your students?

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Elizabeth Mulvahill

Posted by Elizabeth Mulvahill

Elizabeth Mulvahill is a Writer/ Editor for WeAreTeachers and a certified Elementary Teacher.