9 Bonus Questions You Need to Add to Your Final Exam Right Now

Whether you want to attach actual credit to these questions is your call, but here are nine goofy bonus questions[…]Continue Reading

Whether you want to attach actual credit to these questions is your call, but here are nine goofy bonus questions to make your students smile, relax, and be even more certain of your insanity at the end of their final exam.

Bonus question #1:

When is Ms. Smith’s birthday?

a) October 13th
b) February 7th
c) July 54th
d) Ms. Smith has no birthday because she is an alien.

Bonus question #2:


What is the Spanish word for Christmas?

a) Navidad
b) Navimom
c) Navigranny
d) Navistepsister

Bonus question #3:

Who is excited for winter break?

a) ME!!!!!!!! 
b) Ms. Smith
c) Both A and B
d) I don’t even understand the question because of all the sugar I’ve had today

Bonus question #4

Which of the following words correctly completes the line from “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas?”

But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good ____!”

a) Night
b) Extra-large Sprite
c) Unalienable right
d) International flight

Bonus question #5:

The traditional food and drink left for Santa Claus is…

a) Cookies and milk
b) Doritos and Red Bull
c) Water, grapes, and a protein bar
d) Tuna casserole and expired milk

Bonus question #6:

Five students were left alone with 72 holiday cookies. James ate 10, Lily ate 24 cookies, Percy ate 6, and Rubeus ate 40. How many did the fifth student eat?

a) There is not enough information to answer this question.
b) Um, why were these students alone with so many holiday cookies?
c) 40? Seriously, Rubeus?
d) I can only think about Harry Potter, sorry.

Bonus question #7: Free Response

In the space below, draw a picture of Santa Claus, but replace his reindeer with very large ducks.

Bonus question #8: Free Response

In the space below, write a haiku that uses the words “ravioli,” “spaceship,” and “hamster.” Double bonus points if you can make it sad.

Bonus question #9: Free Response

On the back of this page, develop a mathematical theory to build a functional model of the brain that is mathematically consistent and predictive rather than merely biologically inspired.

(Then, on the back write “Just kidding! Have a wonderful break!”)

What bonus question would you add to this list?

Also, a million bonus points to you if you can solve number 10.

Love, Teach teaches English at a Title I middle school and writes about it at http://www.loveteachblog.com. In addition to coming up with weird bonus questions, she enjoys Sleepytime Tea, playing with the feral cats at her apartment complex, and all cookies EXCEPT snickerdoodles. You can have those.