22 Moments From 80s Movies That Sum Up Teaching Middle School

Nobody puts middle school teachers in a corner.

Teaching Middle School, as Told by 80s Movies

Sometimes, teaching middle school can feel like living in an 80s movie. Ridiculous scenarios come up all the time. Emotions (and hormones) can be out of control. Bizarre (sometimes questionable) trends come and go. If you’re teaching middle school, then you know your days can be wild and unpredictable. However, like most 80s movies, it usually turns out OK in the end.

1. When you see your teacher BFF in the morning …

Teaching Middle School GIF

Teaching middle school is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes, a quick exchange with your teaching bestie is all you need to get you through the day.

2. When your students know how to use technology better than you do …

Teaching Middle School BacktotheFuture

Middle schoolers speak fluent Google. Show me how you do that again?

3. When you’re deciding whether to go into school feeling like death or suffer through making sub plans …

Teaching Middle School Ferris

Sometimes, calling in is an even bigger headache.

4. When you are nervous for Open House night and overdo it on the accessories …

Teaching Middle School ET

Do I look like I work here?

5. When you’re chaperoning the middle school dance, and the DJ plays your jam …


The Breakfast Club

Miss, how do you know this song?

6. When your students linger in the hallway after a long day of school …

Ferris Bueller Go Home

I’m exhausted, you’re exhausted, we’re all exhausted. The show’s over.

7. When you try to change up your seating chart without making things worse …

Indiana Jones

It’s like a messed up game of Tetris, now with added hormones and middle school dating drama!

8. When you try to explain your embarrassing Spirit Week outfit to the Starbucks barista…

Lean on Me

Sure, Spirit Week may create some embarrassing situations, but few professions let you go to work in pajamas!

9. When your students don’t understand your hilarious jokes …

sense of humor

They may look like big kids, but sometimes sarcasm goes right over their heads.

10. When you are trying to remember the steps in the staff flash mob …

Footloose Dancing

“5, 6, 7, 8…”

11. When you’re asked if you can teach summer school …

Sixteen Candles

But it’s summer. But I also need the money!

12. When you’re on winter, spring, or summer break …


Hey, it’s one of the few perks of being a teachers, so you have to own it!

13. When the photocopier is down during your prep …

come on

C’mon! I need 24 vocabulary packets by next period and only have 20 minutes!

14. When your non-teacher friends ask you to hang out in May

The 80's

Between mandatory staff trainings, learning 100+ student names, planning lessons, learning kids’ IEPs, and endless paperwork, I can barely keep myself properly fed. See you in summer.

15. When you walk down the middle school corridor into a wave of Axe body spray …


Hold your nose, and close your eyes.

16. When you bring up something that happened in another teacher’s class, and the kids think you are omniscient …

Bill and Ted

Yes, I know what you pulled today in French class today!

17. When your student gives you another excuse about not completing the homework

Star Wars

Don’t tell me you didn’t know where the homework was posted in January!

18. When you are teaching seventh graders during a full moon …


Middle school can be wild sometimes, but full moons are a whole different level of crazy.

19. When you plan an awesome lesson and totally win your kids over …

Better Off Dead

The best lessons are the ones where the kids don’t even realize that they are learning.

20. When you need to reassure a student because of usual middle school drama …

Beverly Hills Cop

Middle schoolers often need that nod of approval, and teachers can give it to them.

21. When your student who struggles finally gets that tough concept …

Karate Kid

Few things are more rewarding.

22. When the school year is over, and you know you made a difference in your students’ lives …

Top Gun

It’s the most rewarding job in the world, and it takes a brave soul to do it!

What are your favorites 80s movies? Did we miss any moments we should add to the list? Please share in the comments!


22 Moments From 80's Movies That Sum Up Teaching Middle School