8 Fun Activities to Celebrate the Release of the Movie Ferdinand

A timeless tale of being true to yourself.


Written over 75 years ago, The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson is a beloved classic of children’s literature. The sweet tale of a gentle, peace-loving bull named Ferdinand still resonates with kids (and adults) everywhere.

Now you can enjoy Ferdinand the movie, recently released from 20th Century Fox. This hilarious, action-packed version puts a modern twist on the sweet tale. Watch the trailer for the movie here.

Here are eight fun activities for elementary students learn more about Ferdinand’s world and themselves.

1. Do a little geography research.

Ferdinand image 1Ferdinand image 2

The Story of Ferdinand takes place in Spain. Show your students a map of the world and locate Spain. Ask them questions such as: On which continent is Spain? What countries surround Spain? Where is Spain in relation to where you live? If you wanted to visit Spain, how would you get there? Research a few facts about the people, customs, and traditions of Spain and have students create a mini-book.

SOURCE: Delightful Learning

2. Learn a few words in Spanish.


Ferdinand Spanish Words

Spanish words are sprinkled throughout The Story of Ferdinand. Teach your students what they mean and how to properly pronounce them. If you have students who are Spanish speakers in your class, let them take the lead! Keep track of the words on chart paper or have students create their own illustrated glossary.

SOURCE: School Time Snippets


3. Create a happiness pasture.

Ferdinand Happiness Pasture

Ferdinand’s happy place is the pasture where he could sit under his cork tree and smell the beautiful aroma of flowers. Ask your students to think about what makes them happy. Then, using this template, have each student decorate their flower with words and pictures. Display all the flowers together, creating your own classroom happiness pasture.

SOURCE: TeacherVision


4. Create a character map of Ferdinand.

Ferdinand character map

Ferdinand is one of the most beloved characters in children’s literature. Ask your students which words they would use to describe Ferdinand. Encourage them to tell you what he is like on the inside and on the outside.

SOURCE: School Time Snippets


5. Conduct a science experiment about the sense of smell.

Ferdinand experiment

Smelling flowers is one of Ferdinand’s favorite pastimes. Teach a mini-lesson on how the sense of smell works in humans. Conduct a smell test with your students by filling a few plastic cups with various scents. Blindfold students and have them guess the contents of each cup, keeping track of their answers on chart paper. Reveal the true contents of each cup after everyone has had a chance to take a guess. Get the complete lesson here.

SOURCE: Sunlit Pages


6. Write a book about being true to who you are.

Ferdinand About Me

Even though Ferdinand is a big, strong bull, he has no interest in fighting. He looks at the world in his own unique way. This activity gives kids a chance to create a book about themselves that helps them explore what it means to be true to who they are inside. Download the complete lesson from TeacherVision here.

SOURCE: TheWorldAsISeeIt


7. Learn about cork.

Ferdinand Cork Boats

Ferdinand loves to sit under the cork tree. Do some internet research on cork together. Show your students a picture of a cork tree and talk about the properties of products made out of cork. Introduce the concept of buoyancy by using corks and toothpicks to create mini boats and test them in a tub of water. (Get a set of 100 cork stoppers for less than $10 here.)

SOURCE: Sunlit Pages


8. Create a garden of flowers.

Ferdinand family dinner clubFerdinand Paper flowers

Ferdinand loves beautiful flowers more than anything. Let your students create beautiful flowers for themselves. Here are two art lessons, one from SunnyDayFamily and one from SkiptomyLou.