30,000 Masterpieces at Your Fingertips: We Review Davis Digital Art Images

You dream of taking your students to the fine-art museums of New York, Washington and Chicago. You fantasize about field[…]Continue Reading

You dream of taking your students to the fine-art museums of New York, Washington and Chicago. You fantasize about field trips abroad to view ancient architecture and paintings. 

Well, no more daydreaming—our Pick of the Week brings the artwork and artifacts straight to your classroom!

Teacher Review: Davis Digital Art Images

Why we love it: This subscription service is like a museum filled with 30,000 of the most relevant works for the classroom. With instant access to digital high-resolution photographs that you can easily share with students, you can open up worlds of learning about different art movements, history, cultures and architecture. You can also search through a great number of categories, from artist to region, time period to medium, art style to theme.

Slideshows 2.0: It is simple and exciting to organize the images you find and save them for use in your classroom. Once you have tagged the images found in search and sorted them into digital folders, slideshows are generated instantly. Davis Digital users can share their slideshows with other teachers and students who have access to the subscription. Students can get in on the act too, creating their own series of images for projects and independent research.

Different views: Images can be displayed side-by-side for easy comparing and contrasting. They can be viewed in full screen for in-depth analysis. The variety of subject matters and art materials available in the massive database makes for natural STEM and STEAM connections and art integration across the curriculum. 


Ideas to try in the classroom:

  • Presidents on Parade: Augment American history lessons by creating a slideshow of presidential portraits. Invite students to compare these painted portraits with journalistic photography of modern world leaders.
  • Greek Geometry: Study images of classical Greek temple architecture such as the Parthenon and provide measurements so students can calculate the structures’ areas.
  • Native American Photography: Curate photographs of late-19th-century Native Americans printed in the photogravure style. Study this multistep photomechanical developing process, as well as the Native American tribes’ changing ways of life. 

Already a Davis user? Teachers and students with Davis textbook programs can also find images specific to your units and lessons. These images augment the digital and printed course material and have been carefully chosen by Davis curators to extend each lesson with images from other time periods and regions. 

Try it: Take a free test-drive of the Davis Art Images subscription for three months and check it out for yourself! 

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