3 Things Teachers Can Do to Get More Out of Twitter

A lot can happen in 140 characters

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You’ve started to hang out on Twitter a little bit and want to start using it to connect with other teachers on Twitter (here are a bunch of great ones to follow), to really start learning. What should your next steps be? Here are three ideas you can implement tonight:

1. Retweet articles that you think are important or valuable.

Retweeting is super-easy. If you see an article or tweet that you think is important, interesting or worth repeating, simply hit the retweet button. The original tweet will be shared with your followers as a retweet. You don’t even have to add anything to the tweet. Your retweet could be what sparks a conversation between you and another educator.

2. Let someone know when their work has helped you by tweeting them.

Did you find a great lesson idea or teaching strategy as you were browsing Twitter? Did you use a lesson plan idea from a blogger on Pinterest? Find out the blogger’s Twitter name (usually listed near the top of their blog) and tweet a quick thank-you to them.

“Used your Dr. Seuss lesson ideas in my class today. They were fab! Thx! @BestPreKTeacher”

Make sure you “tag” the person you’re tweeting by writing their Twitter name after the @ symbol.

3. Participate in a Twitter chat.


If you’re feeling especially brave, join a Twitter chat. Chances are good there’s one happening tonight that covers a topic you’re interested in. Chats are easier now and often happen in a Q&A format. The leader of the chat posts a question. For example, they might post:

Q1: How do you keep kids engaged in your classroom?  #TheNameOfTheChat

Your tweet in response could be:

A1: I try to use “brain breaks” throughout the day.  #TheNameOfTheChat.

This way, if you search for #TheNameOfTheChat hashtag, you’ll see the questions and all of the replies. You can find chats for almost any topic in education. Look for grade-level chats and subject-area chats to get your feet wet. Here are a few different chats that are fun and welcoming:

#Nt2t: New Teachers to Twitter: Here’s a chat for teachers who are specifically trying to get better at Twitter.


#engchat: English teachers chat

#sschat: Social studies teachers chat

#kinderchat: Kindergarten teachers chat

Don’t see one you like? Here’s a list of over 200 more to check out:

List of Weekly Twitter Chat Times

Do all of these tips feel a little too advanced for your current Twitter skill level? Don’t worry. Twitter can be a hard social media platform to master. Check out these posts for Twitter beginners:

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Finally, don’t forget to follow We Are Teachers on Twitter for more amazing teaching ideas.

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