22 Times Principal Did Amazing Things to Boost School Morale

They’re stepping out of their comfort zones and into our hearts!

Principals, you’re the heart and soul of your school. How you treat students, teachers, parents and staff sets the tone for how everyone treats each other. The way you promote and talk about your school is how the rest of the community will perceive it. So be a morale booster! When you’re willing to let your guard down and get into the trenches—we’re talking classroom, cafeteria, library, and even the playground—you’re saying that your school is a safe haven where everyone has permission to be themselves.

We’re paying homage to the principals out there who have no qualms about dressing in costume or getting all dirty to boost school morale. The ones who pitch in, play ball, and cheer students/parents/teachers on. Here are 22 of the most heartwarming photos of principals that we could find. Feel and be inspired by their love and encouragement—and more so, take a moment to smile and see yourself in these!

1. NBA look out! This principal is showing off his moves!

2. Birds of a feather flock together!

3. Now this is a principal that’s stuck on her school!

4. Twinning with the students for the win!

5. Every student superhero needs a sidekick!

6. This principal believes it takes teamwork to beautify the school

7. Good energy always helps students succeed!

8. It’s a snuggly, cuddly kind of principal pajama party

9. Mic drop!

10. Principals that can keep the attention of kindergartners have a special talent!

11. Yo ho, yo ho — the principal’s life for me…

12. Nothing cozier than sharing a story in a reading nook with your principal

13. This principal knows how to take a good selfie!

14. So, a chicken and a cat walk into school…

15. These eyes are the better to see you with my dear…

16. Solar eclipsing like a boss

17. Every school needs a therapy dog and a principal that supports them

18. Nothing cuter than a principal having his baby take over

19. A new principal trait: treasure hunter

20. This principal made this hot student trend all her own!

21. To be a principal, you have to be fearless (though maybe this takes it too far?

22. Love how this principal lets her inner child out to play!

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