2020 Teacher Recharge: Get 7 Days of Prompts & Inspiration to Your Inbox

You don’t want to miss this special email series to help you refocus and set goals.

2020 Teacher Recharge: Get 7 Days of Prompts & Inspiration to Your Inbox

Once your students leave class for winter break, it’ll be so nice to say you can’t wait to spend the week (or two!) in your pajamas. But will you really recharge enough to be ready to go back to school? We hope so. And to help make sure you feel rested and ready to take on 2020, we’ve got the tools to make it happen. 

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Now that the distractions are gone, give yourself time to think about your teaching life. What went well in your classroom in 2019? What could get better?

Goal setting

Writing down exactly what you want will help you know when you’re getting there. What are your career goals for 2020? What steps do you need to take to get there?


Once you set goals, we’ll show you how to organize things in a way that works with your current life. Where are some pockets of time you can fill with steps to accomplish your career and classroom goals? What time of day are you most effective? How do you like to organize yourself?

Family and friends


Make room for family and friends time while you don’t have a schedule to manage. Who do you want to spend time with over the break? Who will you make time for during 2020? Make those connections and appointments now. Who can you call on when teaching days are tough?


Don’t forget about self care. What do you need now to feel calmer? How can you make a plan to fit relaxation in more regularly during 2020? By consciously incorporating these techniques into your teaching day, you ensure they happen.


Now is a great time to be thankful for the people and things that make you a successful teacher. How will you track the good things? Who will you thank and how? 


Teaching children is, in many ways, the lifeblood of the community. How will you connect within your community to share yourself and to accept help? It’s hard enough to be a teacher, don’t go it alone.

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