Much like a toddler’s incessant Why?, our students can ask some pretty mind-numbing questions. Some of those FAQ are universal, such as: “Will this be on the test?” and “Is this for a grade?” But educators in every discipline will tell you they have their own sets of forbidden inquiries. I polled a few of my favorite English teachers to see which student questions make them grit their teeth, and these are the top candidates!

10 Questions Students Should Never Ask Their English Teachers 
1. Do I have to write this in complete sentences?
2. Can I just watch the movie, or do I have to read the book?
3. The WHOLE book?
4. Why do I need English class if I can already read and write?
5. Does this have to be cited?
6. Synonyms are not the same thing as paraphrasing?
7. What do you mean, part of speech?
8. When was 1984 set?
9. (2 hours after their essay test): Did you grade our tests yet?
10. Can you just grade mine real quick?

What questions drive you crazy? Like I tell my students, sharing is caring! Tell us in the comments!

Stephanie Jankowski loves words, hates math and has a penchant for finding the funny in life. An English teacher by trade and smack-talker by nature, you can find more of Stephanie on her blog


photo credit: Jason Pier in DC via photopin cc