Teachers are amazing. Year after year, they commit to doing everything they can for their students. They spend their own money to create beautiful classrooms, collaborate to share ideas for engaging lessons, and lose sleep worrying about how to make life better for their students. That’s why every year we celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

When is World Teachers’ Day 2021?

World Teachers’ Day takes place every year on October 5. In 2021, it falls on a Tuesday. In honor of World Teachers’ Day, here’s a collection of photos to show that neither national borders nor a pandemic can stop teachers from doing their important work.

1. Because science is awesome, no matter where you live …

Teachers with large group of students in blue shirts in Zambia

Science is another universal subject, and there are great lessons in every setting.

Source: @sciencesportsandsprug

2. Because education is a powerful tool…

Student walking outside carrying a chair to school with trees in the background

We love this image so much.

Source: @britannia.argentina

3. Because teaching and traveling definitely go together …

Teacher holding globe covering face with newspapers on the wall

This teacher shares her love of travel with others.

Source: @cieetefl

4. Because nature inspires …

Student in blue shirt sitting at table doing a nature study

It’s a good reminder to go for a walk.

Source: @akersofbooks

5. Because transportation is also a learning opportunity …

Teacher and students in blue shirts standing on train station platform

We love teachers who give real-world answers.

Source: @franklin_street_globetrotters

6. Because we’re not afraid to jump in …

Teacher jumping with group of young students in a classroom

We share our enthusiasm about anything and everything.

Source: @grahamcrackers7

7. Because we respect our students …

Teacher taking selfie with a large group of young students in classroom

We work weekends. A lot. So much.

Source: @phucmapvlog

8. Because we want students to aim higher …

Teacher giving young student in purple clothes a high five outside school

We set the highest goals for them.

Source: @ananau_org

9. Because their smiles make us smile …

Teacher in black and white striped shirt with students wearing uniforms in classroom

We keep each other going.

Source: @hannahpoppyjordan

10. Because we don’t do blank walls …

Teacher standing at front of class with students in South Korea

We fill our spaces with our own kinds of inspiration.

Source: @evolvedteacher

11. Because we enjoy our work …

Teacher taking selfie with student with river in background in South Korea

We are not afraid to treasure our students.

Source: @evolvedteacher and student

12. Because we believe in our students …

Teacher and students wearing uniforms and sashes at a middle east school

We lift them up whenever we can.

Source: @onroadbh

13. Because we all learn from our students …

Student and teacher in classroom with blue curtains in the background

Every day brings a new reward.

Source: @iambrittanyrehal

14. Because you can have class anywhere …

Students working at a table in a non traditional educational setting

This traveling class can set up a classroom just about anywhere.

Source: @thetravelingschool

15. Because we’re not afraid to get out of the classroom …

Teacher with students wearing red and white shirts and blue hats on streets of Jakarta

The world is our students’ oyster.

Source: @iehjakarta

16. Because we rejoice with them …

Teacher hugging young student at an international school science fair

We’re not afraid to show our pride.

Source: @annabeatrizfranca

17. Because parents love to see them shine …

Teacher and students on stage for a pageant at school in Nigeria

We create new ways to share their brilliance.

Source: @pinefieldschools

18. Because we want to connect …

Teacher leading circle time in Nigeria with students in pink and blue uniforms

We find meaningful ways to reach our students.

Source: @dreamsfromtheslum

19. Because they give us energy …

Teacher wearing glasses taking selfie with students in green uniforms

They help us get through those tired moments.

Source: @pugarfitrianita

20. Because we can all rock a selfie …

Teacher wearing white taking selfie with students outside school in Indonesia

We can all fit as many students as we need to into our camera window.

Source: @fe.ra27

21. Because sometimes you need to lose the uniform …

Students in classroom taking group photo at Singapore American school

This teacher loves seeing the students in their street clothes, and we do, too!

Source: @msspitzman

22. Because we’re better together …

Two teachers stand outside of school giving a high five

You can’t beat the bond between teachers!

Source: @kidklture

23. Because it’s up to us to save the world …

Teacher in Africa sitting at a table with two students doing work

Environmental education helps students understand their footprint. ⁠

Source: @ilearnabout_africa

24. Because we get to explore together …

Group photo of teacher and students on class trip to Capri

Is there anything more fun than a class trip?

Source: @eftourscanada class trip

25. Because teamwork makes the dream work …

Group of science teachers standing together in a classroom

Source: @sandra_contreras713

26. Because we support each other …

Group of teachers outside on the grass making a human pyramid

There’s more than one way to build a team!

Source: @eftourscanada

27. Because our kids fill our hearts with love …

Teacher in yellow shirt wearing face shield with student in red shirt wearing mask

Source: @mysweethomerd

28. Because we will pool our resources …

Three teachers standing at a table collecting school supply donations

Teachers will find a way to get students the supplies they need.

Source: @the_music_woman8

29. Because they deserve our attention …

Teacher sitting at a desk with student using base ten math blocks

Kids know they can depend on us.

Source: @vishwajyotkharghar

30. Because we bring our true selves to the classroom …

Teacher standing in classroom with blue dyed hair and glasses

And we encourage our kids to express themselves too!

Source: @educazn

31. Because we will get the job done from anywhere!

Teacher sitting in front of a laptop wearing hijab doing virtual teaching

No matter what the world throws at us, we will find a way to teach our students!

Source: @ayanaife

Happy World Teachers’ Day, everyone!

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