We ❤️ These Instagram-Worthy World Language Classrooms

Get ready to be inspired.

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Collage of world language class bulletin board and activity ideas

When it comes to beautiful and dynamic classrooms, world language teachers definitely bring their A-game. From HGTV-style reading nooks to genius interactive bulletin boards, we know you’re going to be inspired, no matter the subject or grade you teach. Here’s a roundup of 15 of our favorite Instagram-worthy world language classrooms.

1. Cozy Reading Corner

Reading corner in classroom with tent and hanging lights

Can you think of a student who wouldn’t want to cozy up with a book in this French classroom’s made-for-HGTV reading nook?

Source: @missfrenchimmersion

2. Fashion Show Speaking Assessment

Students in classroom on catwalk for fashion show speaking assessment

This high school Italian teacher brings creativity to speaking assessments with a student fashion show.

Source: @signorina_bellotti

3. Words with Friends Bulletin Board

Blue and yellow crossword puzzle interactive bulletin board for classroom

This German teacher’s Words with Friends–inspired interactive bulletin board is genius.

Source: @frauaspeslet

4. Next-Level Inspirational Quotes

Wood classroom bulletin board featuring flowers and inspirational quotes

This teacher’s letter board quotes are stunning. And Maya Angelou’s quote is just as inspiring in Spanish as it is in English.

5. Colorful Conjugation Booklets

Colorful file folders turns into classroom conjugation booklets

These bold and bright booklets get Spanish students excited about conjugating verbs.

Source: @organicteaching

6. Adaptations of Classic Games

Jenga game painted different colors for Spanish class lessons

Students have fun working on their Spanish-speaking skills with this colorful adaptation of Jenga.

Source: @lighthousespanish

7. Lunar New Year Bulletin Board

Red and gold classroom bulletin board decorated for Lunar New Year

This Chinese teacher and her students counted down the days until the Lunar New Year in style.

Source: @planethanchinese

8. Rose Gold Microphone

Teacher holding rose gold microphone in Spanish classroom

This soft-spoken Spanish teacher uses a glamorous rose gold microphone to amplify her voice during class.

Source: @sra.davilamadwid’s microphone

9. Colorful Frames for Focus

Orange plastic IKEA frame used in Spanish classroom for focus lessons

Help students focus on your criteria for success with these pretty frames. Put one on each student’s desk, like this Spanish teacher did.

Source: @organicteaching’s colorful frame

10. Great Game Storage

Plastic case containing colorful sentence scramble pieces on desk in German classroom

Colorful plastic cases are a perfect way to organize and store games, like this fun sentence-building activity used by a German teacher.

Source: @frauaspeslet’s sentence scramble

11. Organized Writing Center

File folders and hanging organizers in classroom writing station

Warm up the laminator and pick up some inexpensive Command hooks and metal rings to create a perfectly organized writing station, like this Spanish teacher did.

Source: @organicteaching’s writing station

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