Add a little festive flair to your classroom with our free printable winter writing paper! This adorable set includes snowflakes, snowmen, icicles, and the cutest winter birds you ever did see. Plus, get our list of 10 winter writing prompts below.

Free Printable Winter Writing Paper Plus 10 Winter Writing Prompts.

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Free Printable Winter Writing Paper Plus 10 Winter Writing Prompts.

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Winter writing prompts for grades K–8:

  1. What is the coldest thing about winter?
  2. What is the warmest thing about winter?
  3. Does winter happen at the same time around the world? Explain your reasoning.
  4. Write instructions for preparing hot cocoa for someone who has never had it before.
  5. Go on a nature walk and write a poem about something you see that you wouldn’t see at any other time of year.
  6. Are trees more beautiful in summer, when most have their leaves, or in winter, when most don’t? Explain your reasoning.
  7. What does light mean to you during winter time? How is it different from other times of year?
  8. Hygge is a Danish concept that describes the feeling of coziness. What brings you hygge during the winter?
  9. Write about a memory you have about playing in the snow. Or, if you’ve never seen snow, write about what you would do in a snowstorm.
  10. Would you like to be an animal that hibernates? Why or why not?