Winter Word Scramble: Free Printable Worksheet Plus Answer Key

Unscramble these mixed-up winter words!

Are you ready for some winter-themed fun and vocabulary practice? Then you need to download this free winter word scramble worksheet! It’s the perfect activity for when you have a few minutes of free time leading up to winter break. Just fill out the form on this page to get your copy.

Think this word scramble is pretty tricky? No worries, you’ll also get the answer key!

Winter Word Scramble
We Are Teachers

Our word scramble includes some pretty tricky words. That’s why we’ve included a word bank to give kids some clues as well as an answer key so you can check their work. (This is also the kind of activity that’s perfect for student self-checking!)

What is a word scramble?

In a word scramble activity, students must rearrange the mixed-up letters of a word to identify the original word. In our winter-themed version, students can see all of the original words in the word bank and use them as clues.

How to solve a word scramble

To unscramble a word, look at the jumbled letters and try rearranging them to form a familiar word. Start with common prefixes or suffixes, and focus on vowels. If needed, write down the letters and move them around until the correct word emerges. Students can also use the word bank for help. It’s like solving a fun puzzle with letters!

Benefits of word scrambles

Word games like word scrambles are a great way for kids to warm up their brains before class starts. They can also help build vocabulary and phonetic knowledge. Keep copies of your winter word scramble on hand for fast finishers to complete as well.


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